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  1. Came here to say that. A single lvl 40-50 bounty can give you 12.000 guaranteed Standing (120+ Mother tokens, each worth 100 standing), more if you can complete the bonus requirements, and even more if you can trade then with Grandmother for Grandmother Tokens (they give us a +50% standing bonus when compared to their requirement counterparts). No other open world comes even close to be this rewarding this quick.
  2. Don't make personal assumptions and apply them to everyone. I, for once, would like the player level in this game to be nerfed to the ground. Both warframe abilities and weapons, hard nerfs. I don't enjoy this Dinasty Warriors feeling that the game has right now. It is not how the game is advertised.
  3. Didn't get a notification for this one, so I only saw it today when I entered the thread manually. So, sorry for the delay. Rumblers's damage scale horribly (or not at all) in high levels though. At best they are aggro takers, so at least there's that. And I get what you're going for, but the usefullness of Tectonics, for me, is not protecting Atlas himself, but protecting objectives. Take away Tectonics and he can't protect objectives. Now that would be cool as hell! If I'm not mistaken, Gara's Shattered Lash has 0% crit chance and 1.0 crit multiplier (no multiplier, then?). Tbh Atlas's Landslide doesn't feel too bad because Arcane Avenger exists, and the fact that it hits like a truck. I would, however, prefer for it to be a full exalted ability, with an exalted weapon for us to mod. It would be a nerf of course, because of the No Rivens "rule" for exalted weapons, but I hate the concept of stat sticks even more. I can't take melees that I truly like into the mission because if I want to properly use his 1 I have to bring a melee that I never use only because it has a good riven/augment. I see where you're coming from, but think of it this way: why go through the trouble of charging an ability for 5 seconds when a player can just press an instant button to petrify a bunch of enemies and then just nuke them with a single shot from a Bramma? The Bramma will even have more damage, probably, because of the insane Mod multipliers we have access to. The only advantage of the meteor nuke is the rubble, but with instant petrify I don't think that's too much of an issue. Your concept is very cool, but the damage numbers should be pumped up and the charging time should be tuned down. Either that or just make the "meteor cannon" an exalted weapon so we can mod it properly, otherwise it will have no chance competing against a Bramma/Zarr/etc.
  4. In theory, it could be a nice idea. In practice, almost everybody would use the same meta build with the same 3x subsumed abilities on a popular frame. The same way everyone and their kitties run Gloom nowadays. Not great for build diversity.
  5. Yo, take away Tectonics and Atlas will have no defensive abilities whatsoever. I use Tectonics (with it's augment Tectonic Fracture) a lot in Mobile Defense / Defense / Kuva Survival / Excavation to protect stuff. Taking it away severely nerfs Atlas's utility, imo. This sounds like a nerf with extra steps. By making it a channeled ability you won't let Atlas gain energy via Zenurik's Void Dash, and is basically making the ability go from instant petrifying to slow petrifying. I'm failing to see the advantages of this change here, it sounds like a plain nerf. You are aware that 5 seconds in game time charging an ability will feel like a thousand years, right? About the damage, 3000 base damage is going to get kinda "meh" real quick and won't even tickle high level grineer and their ridiculous dmg reduction armor unless this becomes an exalted weapon and can get it's own mods, or it can use mods from some weapon (the same way Landslide uses melee mods on your melee).
  6. Though I gotta say OP, you're not going to get many "yes" responses by asking this in the Forums, where a huge percentage of the people who will see your post already play the game in either a PC or a console. I suspect the mobile audience for Warframe are potential players who either don't own or don't care to own a gaming PC or a console and are fine playing just mobile games. Those people exist by the numbers but they aren't in the Forums and they won't see your post.
  7. 99% of the time? No. But it may come very in handy for playing when on some "few weeks travel" when I go visit my family. If the game offers some support for OTG keyboard/mouse, it can come in handy on situations like this.
  8. At this point, if DE wants the majority of the playerbase to use something other than Smeeta (and sometimes Vulpahylas in long runs) they should either kill Charm (doubt they would or a large portion of the playerbase would take pitchforks ant torchs at them) or make it universal to all Companions, giving Smeeta some other ability in it's place I mean, i want to use the new Hounds (Null Audit is so good), Wyrm (cuz little dragon looks nice plus status removal), and other Companions. But I can't afford to when almost the entirety of my playtime is farming for Steel Essence, Kuva, Vitus Essence or other resource like that, all of which are affected in the long run by having Charm. Without a Smeeta equipped I'm literaly making things worse for me in the long run. So I have to use it and let all the other Companions getting dust in the Arsenal.
  9. Ah, thought you were talking about the places where the "flappy" parts of Nidu's body are. There was a point where they were bugged and just non present on Tennogen skins (when Prime Details was toggled on), but luckily it got patched out on a recent hotfix.
  10. Is this on console? Cuz on PC the "holes" issue has been fixed already. Though DE kinda half-assed on the fix and just put the flappy thingies back on his right arm/right torso, instead of the moving "ayatan" metallic parts that the Prime skin has. Hope they get them back, it's one of the cooler aspects of the Prime Details. Speaking of Prime Details, can we have a toggle for Prime Mutations back on Tennogen skins, DE? It would be cool to have an option to use either the tentacle mass or the flappy moving parts on our fashions. We already own both the Prime and the Tennogen skins, so let us have that choice on our fashions for the sake of variety.
  11. The best possible solution would to add a new toggle on Nidus Prime when using Tennogen skins: a Prime Mutation toggle on the Arsenal, just like Prime Details. You want to use a Tennogen and the old Mutation effects? Just toggle Prime Mutations off. You want to use a Tennogen with the new Mutation effects? Just toggle Prime Mutations on. It would literally please everyone about the Mutation visuals design (or almost everyone unless you don't want any Mutations visual in your Nidus at all). No idea on how easy or hard actually implementing this in the game can be, though.
  12. Wait, you're the autor of this image? Nice!! I saw it on Reddit some months ago, didn't notice it was you who created it all along. This mod would be a dream (and the image is sooo good XD).
  13. This topic manifests itself in the forums every week, basically. Be prepared for people raining in the thread to tell you that "this is the way for the ability to work" (so that it can be useless apparently, especially with the augment) and that "it could lead to trolling" (spoiler alert, it does not) though.
  14. That's cool, didn't pay much attention to Xaku post release so I wasn't aware of that. Still, the bullet attractors may get in the way of subsequent headshots if the proc on the enemy's torso, for example. That would have to be revised before adding Void damage to weapons.
  15. Yeah, and then there's that: Therefore, if I proc a Void status on an enemy's shoulder by accident, it will create a Bullet Attractor centered on his shoulder for 3 seconds, which will prevent me from hitting his head for the entire subsequent 3 seconds duration. That's a big "no, thank you" from me.
  16. It does? Just checked the Wiki, if that's the case they haven't updated it yet. Link here. Copy/pasted the Void Status description bellow, highlighting the annoying part:
  17. If that's the case, I'd like to have some degree of control on the damage type and status chances on my weapons. I'd hate for Void damage to start proccing useless Void Bullet Attractors on my status builds.
  18. Tbh I love the fact that they removed Reputation points from being visible on the threads themselves. I'm in here to see the actual arguments and points someone puts through, not who they are. Reputation points only add a "do you know who I am" to discussions, which don't help in any way at all, and can lead to people dismissing actual good points of someone who is new in the forums only because someone who farmed Reputation previously dissed out some bs argument and many people will take their side because they have a huge Reputation point count under their names.
  19. Jokes aside, totally agree with you there OP.
  20. We know. The problem isn't the part that it ends, it's the part that it ends in the middle of an Acolyte fight. Having an Acolyte spawned should prevent the mission from ending, we lost at least 2 Steel Essence and an Arcane every time the mission ends with an Acolyte present.
  21. Steel Path Defense/Interception Alerts are not endless, they boot the players out to "Mission Complete" screen once the objective has been completed. Problem is, a spawned Acolyte won't prevent the mission from ending. More than once I have been booted out of a mission with a spawned acolyte present and in mid-fight, because either someone has killed the last (non Acolyte) enemy in the Defense mission, or the timer just went off in the Interception. This is so frustrating. There needs to be a mechanism to prevent this from happening. Oh, that also happens with Liches/Sisters.
  22. Did they actually said it would be exclusive to Revenant? As far as I know when they want something to be frame-exclusive they add it in the game as an Attachment, not a Syandana.
  23. Strong Khora Deluxe feelings coming from this one. Not a fan of Khora, let's see how this one fares out...
  24. It would be great tbh, and I'm not being sarcastic here. AoE weapons are so overpowered and meta right now that they should be heavily nerfed in order for the game to have some semblance of balance in the choice of primary/secondary weapons.
  25. It's not time of the mission. It's time that other liches aren't allowed to spawn and time no one is gaining stab murmurs / progressing their requiem attempts for knowing their requiem order. Is this concept really that hard to understand? In my book thats called "being an inconsiderate person (not to use other names)". Who is harassing anybody? People making an argument on the forum that disagree with you isn't harassment, it's called a discussion.
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