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    Agree on Vauban, but DE still hates turrets for some reason. See the laughable Senta Turret you get from one of the ships's Air Support for reference. I tend to see Mesa more as an aimbot than a turret, you still have to point Mesa in the general direction you want to Dinasty Warrior style nuke shoot.
  2. I gave up on using the Centuria "series" at this point because of that. As far as I remember it doesn't affect only Volt, I had it occurring to Rhino as well before I gave up on it for good.
  3. Completely agree, I've lost count of how many times I wanted to just dash away with my operator or try to get to the lower floor of a level only to be interrupted by that pesky "auto-grabbing the ledge" animation. It would be great if it was removed from the game.
  4. I can totally see pilots spamming pizzas and then spamming Thether or other high AoE Railjack powers, and not letting anything alive to the other players. If there is no timer, cooldown or a high energy cost to stop people from spamming, the Railjack experience will become a complete sh!tshow of AoE ability spamming.
  5. I totally agree with this idea. Sometimes I just want to use Haven to support my team (a glorified Shield Osprey but I still like the idea) and I don't want to waste my shields doing ridiculously low ammounts of damage to heavily armored enemies all around us. Also I'd like to add that allies linked by Haven should have their shield recharge delay (from when they stop receiving damage) halved. It's impossible to actually help a defense objective get its shields up again with Haven if every 3 seconds it gets hit by 1 hp from some random enemy across the room.
  6. Couldn't agree more, especially for Blood Rush. It adds such a ridiculous multiplicative value on the total damage (because of the nature of crit multipliers) that it just becomes plain ridiculous. The "complete a mission only by pressing E" squad will still want to hang you (maybe me too) over this though. Edited for better clarifying my choice of words.
  7. That would really make things much easier. The link should just have an expiration timer, like for example, 120 seconds. That's to avoid people clicking our :join: link after we have already done the mission and back to the orbiter (it's usual to very see old messages on Recruiting Chat if you just get back to your orbiter because the Chat just picks up where you left at the start of your last mission, and display the old messages that are still there, and as far as I remember Chat Timestamps aren't toggled on by default for some reason).
  8. I did, and many others too. Warframe is basically a Dinasty Warriors reskin right now, player damage has to go way down, otherwise we get stuck with ridiculous DPS-based damage reduction (enemy necramechs have this), enemies with invulnerability phases, and other shenanigans, so that the players don't one shot every boss in the game with a gazillion-damage weapon every 3 seconds.
  9. - What happened to modular archwings? - What happened to Pets 2.0? Are these projects "abandoned" by now or should we expect them sometime in the future?
  10. Question: Does DE have plans to "re-balance" the player damage at some point? Because the players are practically gods right now, the damage scales way too much, specially in melees.
  11. While we're at it, could as well add "Steel Path Sorties" with better rewards / drop rates.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Tbh I really wish for DE to severely nerf the entire modding system, because the players have so much damage amplification and multiplication makes the game "balance" become simply ridiculous. Doubt they will do it though, a big part of the community likes being able to go full Dinasty Warriors and will scream their lungs out if DE would take such an approach to fix the ridiculous state that the player damage is right now. Edited for missing words.
  13. But in all seriousness now: the reason for Balefire performing "poor" against Eidolons that is that the Eidolons have some kind of strange damage reduction (apart from Armor), in which the higher the damage from the weapon, the higher the damage resistance they get agains it. This damage reduction of theirs doesn't take into account critical multipliers though, so that's why high crit weapons (like Rubico Prime, Redeemer Prime, Stahlta, etc) excel against Eidolons, but high damage / low crit weapons (like Exergis or Balefire) suffers against them. This is a link for the Wiki page/section
  14. Couldn't agree more. On today's sortie (PC) I aborted the Lua Defense phase 2 times (even as I was the host in one of them) because I was playing a frame with a precision/non AoE weapon and couldn't do anything, because in one there were 2 Embers meteor showering the entire map every 4 seconds and it became so much explosions it felt like a Michael Bay movie, and the other one there was a Mesa one-shotting everything in sight, at one point when I checked the mission stats Mesa had killed like 180 enemies, one guy killed 1 enemy, and me and the other one killed 0 enemies both (and neither of us
  15. The Djinn experience in higher levels: 1 - It's alive 2 - Dies in 5 seconds from one hit from a Bombard's attack 3 - Stay dead and useless for 90 seconds 4 - Respawns 5 - It's alive 6 - Dies in 5 seconds from one hit from a Bombard's attack ** repeat **
  16. A complete rework, I don't think so. Some QoL and touch-ups, definitely. My biggest problem with him is is 1, even more now with Trall Pact: the fact that teammates wipe the thralls out all the time. You can't get a good crowd control, and now with the augment you can't get a good bonus damage because the thralls never live more than 2 seconds. Personally, I'd make his trhalls immune to damage from the teammates, but to have that damage stored and dealt all at once once the ability duration wears off for that particular thrall (also this avoids trolling in missions like Exterminate).
  17. While I totally agree that thralls shoudn't get damaged by the teammates (even more now with it's new-ish augment, Thrall Pact), I believe they should be damaged by Revenant to allow for player choice. Maybe the player want the effect of the thrall death, or maybe he wants to free up a "thrall slot" for another, stronger thrall (like killing a grineer lancer so that you can enthrall a grineer nox). The damage caused by other players could be stored and delivered all at once, once the ability duration for that thrall wears off, to prevent trolling (on missions like Extermination). Plus the pl
  18. Nor it should. My comment was a reply about another comment about a QoL for his current 1, not about your crusade for his "theme".
  19. Plus, I'd add a QoL change to Enthrall in addition to enthralled enemies only being damaged from Revenant: the ability to mass-un-entrhall every thrall you have on the map by holding the ability key. That also solves the problem of having all your thralls 3 tiles away when you want to make new thralls in another tileset.
  20. Not really. Defense - Revenant's thralls don't count for defense wave count, if you kill the last non enthralled enemy on a defense wave and only have thralls left, the wave will count as "past" and the game will start a new wave as if there was no enemy there whatsoever. That's already in the game, it's not a suggestion from me. Capture - Capture targets cannot be enthralled (among other things, Nyx mind control also doesn't work on them, and many other abilities also do not). Exterminate - Easily solved by putting them on the same condition as other immortal enemies-turned-min
  21. For the love of god, YES!! Even more now with that augment that gives you +damage for weapons for each thrall you have. You can't get any decent bonus damage if thralls can't live for more than 3 seconds because there is a trigger-happy teammate with a Bramma wiping them out.
  22. As title. I got the cosmetic rewards for Nightwave Series II (which include the Protosimid Shoulder Guard, the Spore Ephemera and the Operator Emissary suit) but these itens are still listed as possible rewards for this Intermission. According to DE, they should be listed as Nightwave Credits instead.
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