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  1. So today I ran into a pair of rather charming fellows in a public lobby, defense on Kuva Lich Controlled Territory. Now, I was simply farming Murmurs as I'd been lead to believe more will spawn If you're in a public game with more people. That said, all went as normal. Murmur after murmur, until my lich spawned in all his "left alone" level 1 glory, and I noticed immediately the level 25+ players immediately started at killing it, and upon my explaining (because we were on the last wave) I had no intention of trying for a stab when I was on the first rune ring still. This is when things got mean. First guy started berating me for blocking his Lich with mine, calling me several names like "pansy" (but not quite), for not giving my lich a free level up. Player two jumped in calling me equally nice things, and claiming I had "ruined his riven" and was being a toxic "homosexual" (but not using the nice term) Then invited me to a party, where I thought, "oh. Ok I'll just say hey, it's the last wave, no big whup, right?" Wrong. I couldn't get a word in beyond the insults hurled from both players, names, slurs, even "Kill yourself" were thrown out. And the only question I had for them was; "Why are you hunting your lich and WHY are you trying a Riven on public matchmaking?" Unable to answer, I was called one final insult before being ejected from the Xbox live party, and thrown into a host migration. Player one had quit with a ton of murmurs and left me with only the last 3 enemies.. which of course, were mopped up with that warframe ease, and sent myself to the end of match screen. My question is this, Why would anyone try a riven in a public match, and get mad at the random who didn't know you were doing it, and why wouldn't you hunt your Lich Solo, or in a closed party with your friend if it means that much? Bonus question: Have you ever experienced a toxic player being toxic for such goofy reasons? (My favorite was a level 19 staying out of the boss room so the fight couldn't start because a level 3 didn't wait for him at an elevator!)
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