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  1. You just need to release ctrl ("hold to crouch" key for me) just after hitting E (melee key). Once crouch is released, your attack will follow the camera. At this point, you can even let go of your keyboard until the attack is complete 😉
  2. Not much to add about the changes. Positive : it's looking awesome, and the instant swap is a bliss to strip armor/proc debuffs before smashing. Directional slam is a lot of fun, too, and it seems more responsive than the old one (as valkyr, I can now use my line, and instantly slam somewhere, which wasn't the case before). Negative : the old blocking system was better, slam attacks are too wides and/or sending enemies too far, removed option to toggle channeling (I prefer toggle but to each his own). Here is how I would fix controls : remove the gun unsheat animation when pressing F in melee mode (or make it skipable by firing/aiming). give us back the melee unsheat key (it was C for me, not sure about anyone else). The animation should be skipable by doing anything. give us an option to make quick melee (E) unsheat or not. Since combos are resumed anyway, I don't think there is a need to enforce it (we can still unsheat with C or long F). put manual blocking back on the melee right click. Primary fire (left click) can still be used to switch weapons if the option "left click melee" isn't used. give us back the option to toggle or not channeling. There is also two upgrades you could do to make it perfect (I believe) : give us an horizontal line in the melee cursor to separate the "slam zone" from the "air attack zone". This line would move vertically with the camera, like in planes. remove the delay after air attacks. It's annoying to get stuck doing nothing when you just jumped in a group of enemies. TL;DR : mostly old controls (with manual blocking), new controls as options, instant swap stays, nerf slam attacks.
  3. Here are some things I noticed while playing around in simulacrum : The limit between aerial and slam attacks has always been vague, but with directional slam attacks, this is getting problematic. Since we have a new melee cursor, could you add a visual limit to it, like attitude indicators in planes ? Electric arcs seems to be less visible with some weapons (I see them instantly on heavy blades, but I have a hard time spotting one on a hammer). Bug : If you shot while meleeing (toward the end of your swing), the gun sometimes keep shooting as long as you don't press the fire button again. The timing is quite precise, but seems to be always the same. Edit 1 : The bug above also works with aiming. It is easier to reproduce with slow attack speed. The dual wielding speed is way faster than before. I haven't seen anything about it in the patchnote, so it may be a bug. I think I will get used to the weapons switch with left click, but I am missing the parry on right click. I know it can be used to switch weapon without firing, but we cannot aimglide without zooming anymore. I don't know, maybe we just need to get used to it... As mentionned below, the delay after an aerial attack is still here. Since you are planning to change aerial attacks in later updates, a fix to that would be super nice ! Not melee related, but Ivara cannot bullet jump anymore while prowling. It was working for the host, before the update, so maybe the patchnote is missing this fix. Or maybe I missed it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit 2 : Oh, I forgot about it, you can parry while capturing a target, which seems a bit odd. That's it for now, I'll edit if I see someting else. Also, thanks for the update, you guys are awesome !
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