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  1. Abilities still benefit from the combo counter but at 1/4 the value. At max combo 12x at 220 hits, it gives you 3x dmg boost on Blade Storm and related abilities.
  2. In the past 3 years tell me where DE has explicitly stated CO dmg formula was an an exploit or unintended. You can't because they've only ever told us it was unintended on the very same patch notes it was "fixed". Maybe people wouldn't bite back if they didn't take almost 3 years to fix a simple mathematical calculation.
  3. "Exploits" You're telling me it took DE literally almost 3 years to "fix" a supposed "exploit" with one of the most popular melee mods in the game? Either DE is ridiculously incompetent taking 3 years to fix an "exploit", or they simply don't have the balls to tell us that a nerf is a nerf.
  4. Don't forget the gun versions too, Rifle Aptitude, Sure Shot, and Shotgun Savvy.
  5. Sacrificial Steel is a 10 rank legendary mod that takes 16 capacity with an Umbra polarity, its strength is justified. Bloodrush still gives 660% crit chance over steel's 220%. Arcane fury is additive to pressure point mods, so arcane strike still has its use over it. Your problem seems to really just stem from crit chance rivens which have not been properly buffed yet, and most likely will be buffed to match the new values soon enough. Sacrificial steel is not a "non-choice". Players that enjoy dedicated melee playstyles will benefit much more from maintaining combo counter for blood rush's 660% crit. Those that use melee sparingly have the option to use sacr steel.
  6. Honestly this whole pressure point having two legendary mods only happened because Sheldon accidentally put it in the game files: @4:15 They had the choice of just removing Primed Pressure Point at the time and reimbursing players their ducats, or they could have instead given us a different Sacrificial mod like Organ Shatter since the other mod in the set gives us crit chance. Instead, now we have two legendary Pressure Point mods for no logical reason.
  7. Sacrificial pressure should atleast be stronger than regular pressure point (110% vs 120%) without the set bonus, like sacrificial steel is compared to regular true steel. (220% vs 120%). The CO issue overshadowing other base dmg mods can be easily fixed by having it multiply with them rather than be additive.
  8. well assuming you got a heavy attack build going, you'd have killing blow to cover for that along with its charge up speed.
  9. Ahh I see, but I don't see much point with sacrificial pressure due to CO being additive base dmg to it atm.
  10. You cant use Sacrificial Steel and True Steel together, they are treated as the same mod. Even if you could, it would be 680% since true steel gets doubled on heavy attacks as well.
  11. I would like to see heavy attacks be bindable to "R" without interfering with the reload keybinding as you cant reload in melee mode anyways.
  12. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/moonlighting - to work at an additional job after one's regular, full-time employment, as at night. A transaction between two private citizens can be something as simple as someone buying old sneakers from their neighbor. Lmao the pure foolishness and ignorance I read these days. R I P my braincells after reading your posts. The pure irony, what a clown.
  13. RIP basic math and RIP my braincells after reading this nonsense. CO is nerfed even on the 1st status effect when you take into account that it is additive to base damage mods now. Ex. with only one CO stack and primed pressure point.: [Old] (1+1.65) x 1.6 = 4.24 vs [Current] 1+(1.65+1.2) = 3.85
  14. Except the base dmg changes were explicitly stated to compensate for the loss of combo counter affecting dmg: Therefore if you're going to factor in the base dmg increases DE has made, then you must factor in the dmg multiplier that the combo multiplier used to give (3-4x) if you want a fair comparison between old vs new CO.
  15. I think you are misunderstanding things here. The old CO used to multiply with base dmg mods like PPP. The current one acts like a base dmg mod therefore only provides an additive bonus Ex with only one CO stack: [Old] (1+1.65) x 1.6 = 4.24 vs [Current] 1+(1.65+1.2) = 3.85. So as you can see, even without taking exponential stacking into account using only 1 stack, its still a nerf. The nerf becomes more apparent if you're using Chroma whose vex armor was nerfed to act like a base dmg mod, making both PPP and CO an arguably bad choice to use on him now.
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