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  1. kuva brakk is 0.9 dispo, normal is 1.25
  2. It's been awhile since I was a new player but, iirc lvl 100 content: sorties/liches/kuva floods can be accessible at mr 5 after completing The War Within I'm going a bit offtopic now but: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/fpgzve/2019_warframe_revenueuser_data_read_it_if_you/ "As indicated in their Annual Result for the year 2019 announcement, while Warframe's players base recorded an increase of 19.5% in registered accounts (48 to 57.5 million accounts), their revenue had actually gone down by 12.2%." Seems like new players aren't really the ones paying the bills, but the long term players.
  3. You are using the current armor strip value of corrosive at 80%. All of my entire posts on this thread have been advocating for buffing corrosive to 90% from the beginning. And comparing how a simple buff to 90% armor strip will have it outdo viral easily. You are also assuming the weapons will have nothing but viral+heat or corr+heat. Many weapons will also have base ips or other elements in the dmg mix that wont benefit from either corrosive or virals respective dmg bonuses. Your heat procs/modded heat dmg for example won't receive the bonus 75% to cloned flesh that viral has
  4. It also doesn't account for 75% bonus damage and 75% armor ignore that corrosive has against ferrite armor. You seem to not understand how the graph works at all. For example at 20k armor (lvl 175 gokstad officer), corr+heat has a damage multiplier of 0.231x vs 0.124x of viral+heat 0.231/0.124 =1.8629 In other words if DE buffed corrosive to 90% armor removal, then corr+heat would deal 86.29% more dmg than viral+heat and that's before accounting for corrosives innate dmg bonus/armor ignore on ferrite. Its not delusional when considering how ridiculously hard DE nerfed corrosive and gas. Or how a simple buff to 80% to 90% armor removal (remember corrosive used to strip 100% armor b4 the nerf) on corrosive would have it outdo viral on armored targets
  5. Because as I mentioned previously, gas and corrosive took severe nerfs after the rework. As my graph shows just buffing corrosive to 90% armor strip will have it outdmg viral past 1695 armor (lvl 42 corrupted heavy gunners) with the gap only increasing as you encounter more armor. https://www.desmos.com/calculator/idb4kwgpbk
  6. You're right my bad, I'll also remove viral+heat since some weapons cant use that combo as well like the Amprex or electric kuva weapons. So that still leaves us with corrosive beating viral out past 1695 armor (lvl 42 CHG) if DE simply just buffed its armor removal to 90%
  7. k show me how viral+slash works on kuva nukor? catchmoon? tombfinger? Phantasma? Gaze? Staticor? Ogris?
  8. Because not all weapons can be modded for viral+slash. Any weapon can mod for viral+heat or corrosive+heat.
  9. Made similar findings with polearms too, specifically with the Twirling spire stance RMB+E combo. At high enough attack speed. one of the hits just consistently miss no matter what. As you can see at 0:17 after the volt speed buff is applied, the attack that is supposed to knockdown never seems to land. Also if you pay attention to the combo counter in the video, without the speed buff I am gaining 12 combo counter every time the combo is done. With Volt speed buff at 0:17, performing the combo only brings me from 36 to 44 combo, gaining only 8 combo counter.
  10. This is a separate issue where smeeta crit buff force sets your crit chance to 200%. Meaning if you red crit normally, smeeta will debuff you down to orange crits
  11. https://www.desmos.com/calculator/ibzbbomrep Here is what viral vs corrosive would look like if they simply buff corrosive up to 90% armor removal. As you can see, after 1695 armor (lvl 42 corr heavy gunner) viral would get overtaken by corr. If we add heat procs into the mix, that breakpoint would be 3391 (lvl 63 corr heavy gunner), where afterwards corr+heat will outdo viral+heat with the gap widening as you encounter more armor. This is why I think viral nerfs are unnecessary, and that the true problem lies with DE overnerfing corrosive and gas.
  12. Revert some of the unnecessary hard nerfs on the other dmg types, and suddenly viral is no longer so dominate. Have corrosive cap out at 90-95% armor removal instead of 80% Let Gas scale with toxin and heat mods again. Remove the 10 stack cap on gas like the other DoT. Viral only looks so strong because the above 2 took ridiculous nerfs for no reason after the rework. Corrosive: lost its ability to full strip (that remaining 20% armor after removal is still huge at high levels) and proc no longer has infinite duration Gas: Lost its ability to ignore shields, lost its elemental mod scaling, lost its triple dip bonus on faction dmg mods, and no longer is able to stack past 10 procs like other DoT.
  13. Was testing out the umbral mods and noticed that the Tau resist set bonus doesn't seem to functioning at all. Sentient attacks don't see any reductions in their dmg. Using the simaris scanner widget that shows resistances/weaknesses, you can see that Tau resist doesn't show up at all. As an example, Toxin resist mods does in fact show the resistances under armor/shields/health However, with all 3 umbral mods equipped, Tau resist is nowhere to be found on the synthesis scanner. This can be easily reproduced by equipping Umbral mods on your frame and going into you operator to scan your frame. You can also test by equipping Umbral Intensify and Vitality, and spawn a sentient enemy to attack you testing the dmg you take with/without the mods.
  14. Also if you pay attention to the combo counter in the video, without the speed buff I am gaining 12 combo counter every time the combo is done. With Volt speed buff at 0:17, performing the combo only brings me from 36 to 44 combo, gaining only 8 combo counter.
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