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  1. Yes, but shotgun dmg is split among pellets, and each slash proc's dmg is based on the single pellet that procced it. so it wouldnt be any more effective in comparison to rifles/pistol
  2. Would be nice if Internal Bleeding was classified for Primaries instead of rifles atm
  3. Was testing some of the new mods/arcanes (Galvanized Crosshairs/Scope), and one problem that became very apparent was that kills from DoTs (toxin/heat/slash/electric) will not trigger these mods/arcanes even if the shot that procced them landed on the head. Seeing as these mods were supposed to assist guns in the SP, having them exclude DoT headshot kills makes no sense as these DoT effects are used extensively to kill enemies there. If its not possible to get DoTs to trigger the headshot kill mods/arcanes due to coding issues, then the duration on the buff should be reduced and make it trigger off of landing headshots instead. Otherwise these headshot kill mods/arcanes are pretty lackluster right now in situations where it counts.
  4. A bigger concern for me is that Sevagoth literally has no passive in arbitrations since the bleedout is skipped entirely. Even Inaros at the very least still has the heal on finisher kills
  5. I really like how the shadow comes out during the agile idle, but I noticed it does not appear for the noble idle. Would it be possible for the noble animations to also have something similar, with the Shadow appearing during the idle as well?
  6. Weapon kills do in fact fill up the gauge, the killed enemies just have to be affected by Reap/Sow/Death's Harvest beforehand. Even kills from your teammates work.
  7. That's literally what it's at right now. Each enemy adds 0.75 drain/s up to a max of drain of 7.5/s at 10 enemies. You will not lose any energy at all if there are no enemies within the radius.
  8. The 7.5 is referring to your maximum drain at 10 enemies. Each enemy adds 0.75 drain until its capped at 10 enemies for 7.5 energy/s
  9. Micromanaging isn't going to be an issue once these above changes go live. The energy cost will simply be lower altogether no matter how many enemies
  10. The Exalted weapons stats are intrinsically linked to the ability that casted it Who owns this ability? It is Sevagoth not his shadow.
  11. The ability is casted from Sevagoth himself. His claws gain dmg from Sevagoth's level ups not his shadows.
  12. Will have to strongly disagree on this. If it used Shadow's ability str then Growing Power and Energy Conversion would no longer affect the claw dmg. You should be building high str on Sevagoth himself to take advantage of the slow from gloom anyways.
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