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  1. I still wish the augment for his 1 would give him an extra wuclone, having 2 clones shoot for you while you melee or 2 clones charge into the fray while you shoot em from afar or killing hordes with your iron staff along with your 2 wukong buddies would be so badass
  2. Most of the important stuff has already been said by others, mainly giving wukong a way to regenerate his death defying stacks by completing some kind of task, like killing x number of enemies, getting x amount of affinity, etc. ( would also kinda play with the lore since in the stories wukong had to work for his immortality, training with a monk, terrorizing the underworld and making them write his name off death's list, and some other shenanigans). The bonuses can stay random since it fits the mischievous theme and somewhat deals with the cheesing problem it would have if people could choose the buffs. Also it would be more useful if instead of defy reflecting all damage taken by enemies it stored that damage in the form of buffs for his weapons. (could be a bit of a vague reference to how some deities imprisoned wukong inside a burning container in the hopes of killing him over time but it just ended up giving him cool glowing eyes) For the clone part, it might alleviate some of the concerns people are having with its survivability if the clone had its own share of death defying stacks, not with the same level of buffs but saving the clone from certain death situations, the number of stacks could also be more limited. With the augment for this ability, it feels kind of redundant to have enemies suspended when cloudwalker already has a paralysis effect going for it, maybe it would be more straightfoward and useful if the augment just added another clone? So you had two clones covering range for you while you meleed enemies away or have two clones charge into the fray with melee while you shot enemies from afar, it would just be a straight upgrade to the non augmented ability. (not only that i personally think 3 wukongs fighting at the same time would look cool and feel more complete than just the 2). Oh and can iron vault be implemented in wukong's kit somehow? Maybe through primal fury if you bullet jumped upwards it would just do the iron vault move and launch you WAY up, giving you all the sweet slam damage and range buffs. Would also be nice if you could just change melee weapons on the fly so the damage and range buffs weren't stuck with iron staff only. There's also the problem people are having on how he'll contribute to the squad as a whole with his abilities, in that case it might be a nice bonus if cloud walker could also heal its squad members and their companions, along with maybe curing status conditions
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