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  1. This is multiple bugs, intertwined, be warned there are a lot of other references, yet detailed and traceable (Bonus Protip: Take a shot any time dogbus typed "reference" or "observe") They are all mostly, if not completely, related though. Bughunter gonna bughunt. TYPE: [In-Game > Appearance ] DESCRIPTION: [ Duplicated non-duplicable items are...well, duplicated, and do not stack ] VISUAL: [See image Reference X spoilers affixed below ] REPRODUCTION: [ Retrace from Reference A, when void fissures were at abnormal numbers, complete a flotilla, receive 2x Little Duck rewards ] EXPECTED RESULT: [ I expect to not have have duplicate emblems in my inventory that do not stack ] OBSERVED RESULT: [ I have duplicate emblems in my inventory that do not stack ] REPRODUCTION RATE: [ Requires unique circumstances, of which I've only been able to produce 1/1 times. ] As observed in Reference B/C & D/E, I should have only gotten one of those messages, but didn't. You'll notice that the timestamps between Reference B/C & D/E is 20 minutes, in which I did not have the time to go to another flotilla. Additionally observed, I received two unique rewards in both sets of References. As a result, Reference I exists. After 27.3.5 dropped, there was a mission where the payout math did not match up (the difference in the player's favor) but could very well be me not fully understanding the math of the bonus payout system. ( See: Reference F ) Proposed Resolution: I request removal of the duplicated emblem, but ask to retain the duplicated credits The grounds for my request is that the losses occurred in Reference J are greater than the duplicated gains observed in Reference D/E. I understand if this is not possible or fair. I do welcome an audit of my account, as the aim of this report is to assist in bughunting/tracking, and do not believe I have crossed any lines or broken any agreements by discovering; thus, should incur no consequence. Reference A - Leaking Void Bug Reference B - Little Duck Attachment #1 2/3 Reference C - Little Duck Attachment #1 3/3 Reference D - Little Duck Attachment #2 2/3 Reference E - Little Duck Attachment #2 3/3 Reference F: Little Duck Attachment #3 Reference G: Multi-Fissure Reference H: Void-Void Fissures Bug Report Reference I: Duplicated Emblems Reference J: Losses *inb4 "contact support to have emblem removed"
  2. Best part was I'd just finished a floatilla and got two messages from Little Duck with the same exact emblems, and the same exact bonus credits....20 minutes apart. Kinda makes up for all the extra credits I've lost due to bugs. Additionally, I had one mate try to host Ukko and it crashed his game when 12 other players joined the same session.
  3. I think OP is referring to "network prioritization" or "web acceleration". Something like "chinanetspeed" for example. I also don't think it's relevant to what's actually happening.
  4. My avalanche Frost does pretty well protecting the objective and keeping the sentients on lockdown. Of course, thats more my playstyle, because I enjoy arbitration excavations so its not so far removed from ground team. Sometimes though, I'll just take my fashionframe Excal into a Ground mission, because any serious DPS I'm doing is being done with specific weapons, not warframes. Take that same frost, and he's close to useless in ESO....so some frames are just naturally a better fit for certain game modes than others. Best thing I've found, is finding a set or array of frames/weapons for certain gamemodes that I enjoy. Time for railjack? Better believe I'm gonna slingshot with Loki. Is that an excavator? My boy Frost is here. Did nightwave just say Day Trader? C'mon Excalibro, its your time to shine. Crap, I still have focus to earn? Ok Saryn, get your scream on girl.Nighttime in Cetus? Ol' Volt's a comin'. You get my point though. I hope it helps you find something that you like about Scarlet Spear.
  5. I know these are known issues, but they occurred in conjunction. Perhaps a review of this specific floatilla's logs on your end can help shed light onto what exactly went wrong since a lot seemed to go wrong on this floatilla.. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [ To keep things short, we'd already done 2x17 ground runs, and were finishing on our 3rd with 84/100 murex. Kill codes stopped transmitting completely to space crews, even though there were at least 8 ground crews active. Upon returning to the floatilla after completing the 3rd run, we got dumped into a zombie floatilla. After checking inbox, it seems we only got the appropriate emblems, but without any bonus credits. I assume this is because the system considered our floatilla "complete" but without having actually 100/100'ed the murex. ] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [Review Floatilla #19 (NA region) logs from before 3/27/20 05:24, the date of the relevant Little Duck mail to me after the closure of the instance] EXPECTED RESULT: [ Kill codes to continue transmitting, and floatilla not turning into a zombie] OBSERVED RESULT: [ Kill codes stopped transmitting, upon returning floatilla was a zombie] REPRODUCTION RATE: [ Fairly common ]
  6. Be sure to yell at the phone thats steaming so we can hear you ❤️
  7. This is the same reason the anomaly doesn't show up at exactly the same time as the tracker announces it's active, and also applies to why instances in Scarlet Spear sometimes show as active from orbiter but have already completed early upon entry of the floatilla. What is in the floatilla is current. What is displayed in orbiter, is out-of-date. The easiest thing I do to refresh orbiter data is simply load up a captura then exit it. Once back in the orbiter, everything is up-to-date.
  8. Since you obviously cant/wont read, here, I'll quote it for you: Also, being condescending and abrasive in your feedback is completely pointless. Here's an example of how you should post feedback, if in fact you want anyone to take you seriously. Note that you don't have to praise anyone or "white knight", simply stating logical perspectives is more than enough.
  9. Not as far as I can tell, youll do just fine doing ground only...there's a few catches though. You seem to only get Meso/Lith relics from ground crew, but with a decent squad you can pull off 17/17 Condrix (the big eye thingies) in 25-40mins for about 2200 credits (plus whatever bonus for whichever tier you fall into for that wave). I've heard that space side takes a little less time, and rewards slightly better, but im not really interested in hosting RJ missions...so unless they work out some public matchmaking, I'm staying ground crew.
  10. Limbo and Loki are probably the most commonly used in solo runs because they avoid damage very well. As others have said, capture is the best, since its only a single objective to kill. Once you get familiar with where vaults spawn in the derelict tileset, you can breeze by 95%+ of the mission with either Limbo or Loki....of course any tanky frame should work. The Index is actually good practice with its debuff of financial stress for surviving with really low hp/shields, hobbling is a joke because you just bulletjump to bypass it, and as long as you have a weapon that deals a lot of damage extinguished isnt too terrible.
  11. Why has there been no BugFrame? For the memes, of course. After all, we know BugFrame is best frame.
  12. I wasn't aware that other sentients could pick it up, but I was referring to the interactions available between it and the player. Thank you for the information though @NekroArts.
  13. oh look, battalysts are constructed the same way
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