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  1. Why do people run in circles in an elevator? Why do people bullet jump around extraction? Why do people teabag downed players instead of/before reviving? Does this look infected? Some questions we may never know the answer to.
  2. Correct. There's still discussion being had about future options, but that's the system as it currently is. It was also just implemented last hotfix, more information can be found here:
  3. Not true. The Valence Transfer option allows you to upgrade stats as you go, keeping your original investment. Example: 25% Radiation Kuva Kohm, 1 potato, 8 forma (just cuz), and 1 exilus slot Then you get a nice 45% Radiation Kuva Kohm. Go to actions on your original Kohm (same place where you add forma), Valence Transfer, it'll ask to confirm, and your new weapon will be the 45% Radiation Kuva Kohm with potato/8forma/exilus (the "used" one is removed from your inventory). Also, yes the bonus is shown in a couple different spots: - On the active lich page (it'll show weapon/bonus in stats) - Codex entry for previous liches (killed/converted) - Weapon will have innate damage boosted in its base stats (this will be in values, not percents like the other two locations)
  4. The RNG is currently that you get any 1 of 13 weapons, with the progenitor warframe determining what bonus type you get (toxin/cold/electric/radiation etc), with any percent between 25-60% boost. In a future hotfix, the RNG will be adjusted so that you don't get the same two weapon types back-to-back, but otherwise the same.
  5. Literally the first paragraph of the most recent patch notes: Meanwhile, further confirmation from the devs, just in case you refuse to believe Megan: You avoided my question altogether because it completely invalidates your argument. By this logic, just wait out whatever spazz is holding the mission hostage, no punishment incurred. Or simply abort as I have suggested already. Hell, you can even force your own host migration into your own instance if you're too scared to get more "aborted mission" stat increases.
  6. I'm sure you are capable enough to review the same material I have; patch notes and streams. That said, let's think outside the box. What would you do in the exact same situation, when two conflicting goals in a public game arise? This isn't new behavior, the forums are littered over the years with speedrun vs full exploration. You're in 3 man public squad in a fissure, one guy blasts through it and is waiting at extraction, while the other is carefully exploring each and every room breaking every crate and opening every locker. So, what do you do? Do you help out the player with his objective of gathering loot? Do you go stand on extraction to help the other one out in a hurry to leave? The simple solution has always been: No expectations in a pug, anything goes. Don't like it? You're free to abort the mission any time you feel like it. Ergo:
  7. Yes it does. Just because you don't believe it, doesn't make it any less true. Keep in mind, this is all a temporary problem already being addressed by devs, so your "problem" is actually only an issue until a hotfix rolls out.
  8. Just abort the mission. Won't loose any sleep over it. Someone wants to be stubborn one way or the other? Fine, I'm not a babysitter. Y'all can stay at your friendship door arguing all night long.
  9. I guess this all started last week when they released U26, right? Of course, isn't it obvious?
  10. I leveled my archgun in, ya know, archwing/open world missions. Don't include me in your "we" count.
  11. To be fair it does say on average, which implies there's a variable component in there somewhere.
  12. You guys with absolutely amusing. Personally, I know the risks for having ArtMoney installed on my PC (since its not a hacktool because it doesn't have "cheat" in the name as the logic of this thread suggests). That doesn't stop me from checking to make sure it's not running every time I launch Warframe. Same with AutoHotKey. It's not on the company to make sure I'm playing by the rules that I agreed to, it's solely on me. And all these "unfair permanent bans"? Yeah, I'm sure the playerbase is suffering really badly without all 4 of you "wrongfully" banned players. If you're intelligent enough to use tools like memory editors, then you should have enough common sense to ensure they aren't running when playing games that have zero tolerance towards them.
  13. Except a hat is pretty harmless. Pretty sure if you wore a gun in most restaurants they'd throw you out in a heartbeat if they have a "no open carry" sign on the doors. Does that make it their fault for not frisking you down when you entered? How about just using good sense instead? "Hey, I like to cheat in games, but this game doesn't like it at all, I better make sure none of my hack tools are running." Or even simpler, don't be a cheater.
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