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  1. Not trying to come off badly in any way. Just figure the first thing that would come to mind on an average player's question tier list wouldn't be the pronouns of a character from a video game. Carry on.
  2. who cares. they're all suits of infested goop anyway. quit it with the pandering.
  3. Well if it makes you feel better, many players that watched the stream for 3-4 hours including myself, still don't have it. Kinda wish they'd stop it with the Twitch crud and just focus on their own game / platform.
  4. Yeah, as said above, Event 2x boosters stack with Affinity Boosters / Smeeta, etc. Same for resource weekends.
  5. Sadness ensues. Darkness is my friend. D: Kinda figured this would be the case. lol
  6. Probably some of the mods that will be coming with the Heart of Deimos update. Neat to hear many of them are dual stats.
  7. Because they removed channeling it's harder to keep a melee stealth multiplier going since they'll just notice bodies all the time. I miss being able to make them go poof, so there is no evidence. *sigh
  8. Petition to have a Legendary Core Conversion BP cuz I have tons of credits and Endo but just want one Legendary Core. d:
  9. I'm personally against such a move, but I doubt that even stated "exclusive" hand-cannon will stay that way. It's just a wait to bait players into watching in the short term, a FOMO thing... Which is pretty meh, as I'd rather just have it as a BP in the dojo / market or from Baro or sumthin. It's sort of obvious that it's a way to capitalize on viewership. I don't really see why else they'd do it.
  10. Part of me thinks that it may indeed be exclusive in the short term, with their actual plans to make it accessible thru other means (BP in Market, Baro, etc) later on. Just doing it to hook players in the short term. It is indeed odd, however.
  11. Fair enough. Suppose I'm being slightly impatient. Time to channel the inner wait I had for The War Within. And I think I fixed my formatting. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. What about Railjack expansions, New War Quest, etc? Don't want to be promised more stuff from a teaser that won't be anywhere near what we'll get in the released patch. I.E. Railjack reveal in 2018. Railjack was supposed to unify the game, and it still hasn't done any of that and remains a content island. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with you guys trying other things, even to this day. Had to put up with released content not being fully fleshed out for many years now. But the priorities seem to be hopping around quite a bit lately. I'm just sort of not okay with teasing new things without finishing up the old things. Corpus Liches, Corpus Railjack Missions, Squad link on a bigger scale, Command Intrinsics, New War Cinematic Quest, Duviri Paradox, unification of game mechanics instead of more content islands... I could go on. Will likely watch the Tennolive stream anyway, as I'm sort of interested in what you guys are thinking currently. But I just hope this is a small-medium sized update instead of something big enough to take focus away from what has been cooking since TC 2018.
  13. You just made me realize how hungry I am. Curses.
  14. I think it's more unusual that talk of this sort is allowed on the forums at all when it can and should be considered "irrelevant". Not only that, the rioting in the United States has nothing to do with justice and only exists for personal short term gain, and to heck with those in the crossfire. It's the "voice of the oppressed" and it's okay to commit crime and seriously hurt people and their businesses because it will further our agendas. All lives do matter, and nobody I know has ever disagreed with the fact that what happened in Minneapolis last week was disgusting. But it's people like you bringing race into everything when there is provable evidence that more whites are killed by police in the states than blacks per year. Discussions that single out a race, even when they're in "support" of it, are inherently racist. People are people, innocents are innocent, and criminals are just so. And seeing a post like this from Digital Extremes, a company based in another damn country, makes me question their real motives for creating such a post. This is honestly a bit disturbing to me as a long time, level headed, game-loving American guy.
  15. I ended up just making a dummy Warframe account while connected thru my Steam account, sped my way to the Plains of Eidolon and hijacked a Dargyn and got it. Sucks I had to go to that extent to earn the achievement but, it did work.
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