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  1. xaneks

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Where? Could you link it?
  2. drops arent working for me. I only got the forma from this campain and didnt get SQUAT from the last one
  3. xaneks

    Warframe Builder

    read this
  4. xaneks

    Warframe Builder

    theyre trying to use warframe builder to backdoor their way into warframe account info most likely
  5. xaneks

    Warframe Builder

    how do i contact the sites administrator on warframe builder? Someone used an old email account of mine to register for the site that wasnt me
  6. oh okay. Had to be sure i didnt miss some event news. Yea, seeing an area of effect rework would be nice, especially since rhino primes special ability no longer knocks enemies over like its supposed to. He releases a shockwave upon landing from a long fall for those forum denizens that do not know
  7. That would be more fun with an unmoderated chat where everyone in the plains could talk to one another, but alas, we live in times too ""Sensitive"" for such nicities
  8. AoE? This an acronym for another event or update?
  9. I wonder if we'll ever get any space naval combat?
  10. Will we one day be seeing our operators have the ability to wield a weapon loadout from your arsenal? I think it'd be pretty neat to run around as my operator spraying down grineer with my prisma grakata. Or better yet, maybe the operator could have the ability to take the enemies weapon?
  11. Am I the only one that notices this pattern? Whenever DE or some other game company announce something big and then they delay it shortly before its launch date? If im not nuts then this smells like a marketing ploy to rope in new players and players whom had previously set the game aside. Look, im all for you taking your time but this honestly smells like a marketing ploy and the company at large knew PoE wasnt ready for this week to begin with. If youre going to blue ball me at least do so in honest fashion. Doesnt seem like much to ask.
  12. no, youre confusing respect with "youre not allowed to talk about it" The two are mutually exclusive. Saying youre not allowed to talk about it is, unironically disrespectful in of itself.
  13. "show some respect" Naw fam. They could have easily sold that crap in game instead of making me hunt my &#! off just to find it.