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  1. in game markets surely gonna be destroyed after this if those are not banned. I am following this as well, plus I got trade banned for this before I even know the bug exists, very pissed rn
  2. LOL thats bs, and I heard some people exploiting it doesnt get banned, how nice
  3. got my trade banned without even knowing this, was in a survival relic mission for an hour, now pls unban bc I dont want to be punished by this mistake that I have not make.
  4. Is it truly better tho, I mean adding normal mission and matchmaking into RJ doesnt make it less disconnected with the core game, it is now core game, with a different "skin" to it
  5. The corpus RJ missions now just let you go into a spaceship then start a regular mission lol, its like you now need to spend more time loading into a regular mission, very funny. And the reward is not on par with the effort. You keep talking about making game more interesting, making it less grindy, balancing, but all the result is just the opposite. Average 10 minutes Corpus RJ mission, Bugs everywhere, I don even know where to start. Also, who thinks its a good idea to make give RJ mods more drain and polarities so we now have to level our RJ and forma it (multiple times)? Thats just la
  6. Can you please look into voms not spawning in the big lake camp? Hurts my tridolon hunts a lot
  7. please look into the issue where Vom not spawning on big lake camp, hurts my Tridolon runs so bad I couldnt play the game anymore.
  8. Entering POE has been slower after the event drops, it was just getting better few patches ago, a shame.
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