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  1. Can you please look into voms not spawning in the big lake camp? Hurts my tridolon hunts a lot
  2. please look into the issue where Vom not spawning on big lake camp, hurts my Tridolon runs so bad I couldnt play the game anymore.
  3. Entering POE has been slower after the event drops, it was just getting better few patches ago, a shame.
  4. Vom spawn in POE is messed up, also the vom movement speed is much slower and its been like that for awhile, would love to see some fixes
  5. Not many may care, but the new Necramech in plains spawn change has messed up the vomvalyst spawn in POE at least near the lake part, please take a look into it.
  6. The new iso vault bounties are at best not well designed. You simply connect the vault maps and give us the usual bounty and the hell you have to complete the vault to do the same level bounties, IDK which one is worse, this or the bounty actually have a lot of bad loots in it, do not even get me started on the new arcanes. Bugs I endure because Iam already used to it. Please fix: You connected the vault but forgot the extra objective crystal and Loid could spawn in any region, now I have to run through the whole map trying to activate the crystal. Also you need to address the fact t
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