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  1. I NEED THAT CRIT CHANCE FOR MY EXCALIBUR! Because I've been trying the Ghoulsaw a lot recently, and I would like for it to be even stronger because I'm having LOADS of fun zipping around the map with it!
  2. The name itself is saying this Lich is something else.
  3. I need more DMCish anims, for real. I would love to do TRICKSWORDROYALGUN in Warframe somehow.
  4. Wait I just came back the ghoul saw finally released? EXTREMELY INTENSE CAVALLIERE NOISES
  5. That's from his Leverian, all of them are quite a read honestly, I like Lavos's one!
  6. I would LOVE to see Infested as well! There ARE the Zealoids after all, and the Infestation is ever evolving, muahahaha!
  7. Perhaps the New War quest will unlock some new features for the Plains, that's my guess.
  8. Honestly I think it's going to be like DMC5. You can pick the characters to play as for the mission, but it won't change that much.
  9. Meanwhile there's N e z h a. Who's literally a divine symbol of bravery for child soldiers. Now that I think of it Yareli and Nezha are pretty damn similiar, one rescues children with water and inspires fighting against cruel systems, the other inspires children with flames of courage. Time to get the Electricity and Toxin kids I suppose?
  10. Then again Warframes are created from actual humans via Infestation, perhaps the Sentients are trying something similiar on the Grineer and Corpus. Amalgams exist, perhaps they're trying to improve on Natah's and Alad's Amalgams. I'm also pretty sure they're more resistant to the Void, so they can potentially use it.
  11. Scaling is a thing, pretty sure Bladestorm scales and eventually allies are going to be priming Bladestorm, and you won't even need it for low-level content. But yeah aim rate is a bit of a problem. I wouldn't mind if it was made a bit like Judgement Cut. Instead of just marking enemies one by one, make an AoE circle that marks enemies instead, and on release of the button it proceeds to cast Bladestorm.
  12. For me, it was epic. I've just been grinding across the rail while shooting Corpus on the K-Drive. I've very much enjoyed comboing the various tricks together in one go for over 3000 score! By far most memorable quest ever, I now want to do all the K-Drive races with as much tricks as possible.
  13. My first kuva lich was like that too,, he was just spamming iron skin and hitting me with his hammer and laser. Dark souls healthbar appears. VUGHBA VOBISUPOR, KUVA LICH COMMANDER.
  14. It's more like the K-Drive itself deals all the damage, the shockwave just knocks back enemies close enough. Well, at least if I directly hit an enemy with the Bondi I would instantly kill them.
  15. Because you have to vanquish a sister to get her weapon. That's literally stated in the lich tutorial I believe, vanquish to get items, or convert to get a strong ally.
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