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  1. @pmsquared The only way to fix it atm (that I know of) is reinstalling the game and doing the ares mission 1-3 times completely (do not abort, complete the mission, and of course have the New Strange as an active quest) and even if it says just 1/3, go to your orbiter and check if the quest says that you should go back to cephalon simaris.
  2. @Dankeerd After I reinstalled the game I went to ares (the location of where you were supposed to scan them) and scanned the target, as usual it said 1/3 on top of my screen so I thought it was'nt fixed but when I returned to my orbiter instead of the quest saying I should scan 3 elite arid lancers it stood "Return to Simaris", so no, I have no idea what i did to fix it.
  3. But right now im trying to reinstall warframe to see if that fixes it.
  4. I am sure I’ve been scanning all four points and when I scan one completely It says 1/3 on my screen so im pretty sure I’m doing everything right.
  5. Recently I've been trying to do the New Strange quest but on the part where you're supposed to synthesize 3 elite arid lancers I've gotten stuck on 1/3 scanned. I have done the quests more than 5 times but it won't go from 1/3 elite arid lancers synthesized to 2/3. I have looked at every video on youtube I can and I am completely sure that I am doing everything correctly. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this "bug" or what the problem is? This is very important for me since if I dont do this quest I won't be able to progress to Saturn, therefore ruining the game completely for me. Please help. +I've posted this on PC Bugs also but I wanted to see if anyone in the community knew how to fix this. 2019-05-27 18:03 I fixed the bug by reinstalling warframe and doing Ares 1-2 times again (while having The New Strange as an active quest of course).
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