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  1. Best focus on the frame you use to boost your effectiveness for a specific objective. No need for prime frames, regular ones can pretty much dominate rank 5 Lich owned nodes. You mentioned soloing eidolons before, was it tricap or just teralyst? How much useful focus school have you unlocked and arcanes have you gathered? If you want to solo without using any items at all, it'l depend on your previous eidolon hunt spoils. If you really want to solo rank 5 lich level kind of content, maybe have a look at my tried and used setup for no forma/reactor frames. Be aware that you must h
  2. Mah dudes... this is the typical DE answer to the dumbest and easy to fix problems in the games: This is even the exact same phrase they gave for the 2018 Orb Vallis bounty problems that still exist today. If you see a problem that still persist after months of the related content release, this is DE's answer to you:
  3. Of all the things DE is fckng up right now, you'd whine about something free? If the blessing was scratched off and never made public, the remaining items imo would be more than enough. What's next you ingrates? Gonna whine about daily login giving you 1 Gallium?
  4. Mah dude... That liberation problem and any other bounty issues from PoE ,Orb Vallis, and now, Cambion Drift are now in the "#*!% off, get used to it" list of DE. Search the forum first before reporting an issue. If it has been reported at least a month ago, it's a telltale sign you better give up on posting it. And that newly implemented Heavy Tusk Gunner bs, I've read somewhere here in the forum that PC got a fix already and consoles soon to follow. If you're on PC and still experiencing this, then I'm guessing it's a new feature now.
  5. It was an awesome "fight". Jump here, throw there, and a lot of fade to black fall of map screen. Great boss design but the battle made me face palm waiting for the gigantic turd to throw something and teleport close enough for me to hurl his sht back. I was expecting some brutal but doable mayhem. Glass clones, mirror world that shatters, getting showered with broken glass, then a showdown with Nihil protected by layers of glass armor. SShhhieeet, if DE hired me to design this boss fight mechanics, I would have made something passable. Even if they paid me with burgers and fries, I
  6. I'm unaware of the bounty/enemy changes since I stopped talking to Mother more than a month ago after acquiring all the items from the family, only went back for the Naberus event. Before, the bounties were annoyingly time consuming but doable with any frame and build I'm comfortable with(either pure melee or easy mode ranged). Spawns are pretty broken; when a bounty that requires killing starts, it's either a slow spawn or the enemies are drop on top of some structures then their AI goes monkeh. I rarely play open squad even for the Steel path version since the bounties scales in objective
  7. Who the hell even asked for a redesign of the mission summary screen? Was it us, the players or some sadistic fck at DE? Highlight player's opened crate count? Have both equipment affinity and syndicate standing gains crammed in one section? Leave half of the screen blank for better viewing of the unnecessary frame posing in the background? This fits perfectly for whoever decided this was a good idea:
  8. Been playing on PS4 for over a year now, only two reasons DE will consider taking actions. 1. A problem is making way too much ruckus. Meaning a lot of players getting aggressive on the forum/social media about an issue. 2. New contents. It's a guarantee nowadays whatever DE releases will end up riddled with bugs, lies and disappointment. They will be active for weeks or even a month fixing and tweaking things up. In summary: A lot of angry players, that's the only reason DE is taking action. If you found an issue in the game, search it up first here. If it has
  9. It's a common problem with that bounty in my experience. The container is ready for opening; keep walking above it while repeatedly pressing the action button. You actually had the prompt to open it multiple times in your video. Quick tip: this bounty usually takes 20-30 secs to complete. Stay in your archwing and snipe the main and 3 other small tumors from above. Quickly drop down and open the container then bail out. No need to shoot anything other than the tumors.
  10. Yep. Just came back to Cambion Drift to do bounties for the new Naberus event. A month ago, stopped doing the bounties on that moronic place after getting all items from the family. It felt like whoever designed the bounty mechanics on that God forsaken map is either a sadistic prick or just incredibly moronic. Before, Latrox Une's bounty was easy enough to solo with any build you're comfortable with but extremely annoying due of the ridiculous drop rate of the samples, now DE is purposely fcking with us with the retarded drone bonus objective.
  11. Can we please have a separate volume control for normal transmissions and hint/warning transmissions? I mostly have my transmission volume down to 0 since I get annoyed quite easily by the incessant useless and quite moronic dialogue. Like for example, when I play disruption, the usual thought looming in the back of my head is "STFU Little Duck/Ordis/Alad V". When I play Exploiter/Profit bounty, my usual thought is: The problem with having transmission volume down to 0 with the current setup is you'd also miss important messages or prompts. ie: Lua rescue, excavation power, mobil
  12. Even with Mesa, Equinox and Saryn, a single wave with a full squad takes minutes to complete. The enemies are moronically choosing retarded paths to their objective thanks to the bad design of the room; a lot of em getting stuck or take way too long to reach the main area because they spawn hundreds of meters away from the adjacent rooms. The aim here is not defense, it's to ponder if DE even tested this?
  13. Sorry to say it to you guys but don't expect any fix regarding Orb Vallis bounties... ever. Ever since I started playing Warframe last year, those bugs are already present. I've searched for info about em and it seems that they've existed since the launch of Fortuna/Orb Vallis. Best answer people got from DE for reporting Orb Vallis bounty problems is: "noted, not in our to do list, but, noted" In other words:
  14. This isn't limited to just vault bounties, just happened to me after doing Cetus bounties(and few other times for more than a week now). An uncommon issue but still a game breaking problem. I'm seeing reports from last week ignored so we can safely assume that is "new feature" by DE.
  15. Experiencing this for more than a week now. Guess this is an intended new feature like any other ignored issues by DE.
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