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  1. alright I'm just dumb then when it comes to channeling. I used to use melee channel on the right thumbstick press, worked beautifully, but yeah it being locked is causing a serious playstyke issue, especially since again, the switch port that has the same melee changes right now doesn't force it there.
  2. Hey, long time player here, and for some reason since the melee update melee channel has been force bound to the right button on my 360 controller, a place I've been using for melee attack since 2013. I rebound it to the B button but my muscle memory is making this difficult. Literally every other function can be remapped wherever I want but for some reason melee channel is stuck there. When i try to bind melee in its place it (understandably) tells me I cannot put melee in the same place as melee channel. When I try to change melee channel out for a single ability use so as to move melee backw here it belongs, it says I cannot move the melee channel binding. This is particularly weird because on the switch port , which has the same melee changes right now, I can still melee in that same place but melee channeling is gone completely. I tried reinstalling the game to clear settings but it wouldn't do anything. So why is the PC version locking my right button input to melee channeling, which AFAIK isn't even a thing anymore?
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