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  1. hefirey

    eximus rework

    instead of eximus having a passive that give us a stat proc, I think its better if the eximus when damaging us gives us the proc, of course its abilities stay the same but nearby units are granted the elemental proc added to their damage for that eximus. this way, it gives us tenno reason to kill the eximus fast before they target you and leech eximus wont immediately drain your energy upon being close.
  2. create a new eximus that leeches the life out of our warframes to heal itself and nearby allies through damage. opinion?
  3. I hope that when the update comes out there will be limitations with the warframe abilities, like increased cost or less effective reason being that I feel that it allows the original warframe to still have use while the chrysalis abilities gives out a defective, or a debuffed copy. I feel that if warframes have the same ability with the original, the original may not be used as much. this will make sure it is less likely to break the game too. I hope people will understand what I am trying to say.
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