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  1. hefirey

    eximus rework

    instead of eximus having a passive that give us a stat proc, I think its better if the eximus when damaging us gives us the proc, of course its abilities stay the same but nearby units are granted the elemental proc added to their damage for that eximus. this way, it gives us tenno reason to kill the eximus fast before they target you and leech eximus wont immediately drain your energy upon being close.
  2. create a new eximus that leeches the life out of our warframes to heal itself and nearby allies through damage. opinion?
  3. I hope that when the update comes out there will be limitations with the warframe abilities, like increased cost or less effective reason being that I feel that it allows the original warframe to still have use while the chrysalis abilities gives out a defective, or a debuffed copy. I feel that if warframes have the same ability with the original, the original may not be used as much. this will make sure it is less likely to break the game too. I hope people will understand what I am trying to say.
  4. im happy I finally made a topic everyone can agree on, lol most of my, nearly all my topics have problems in it.
  5. they have subsequent effects really? what are they?
  6. I would like to discuss with the player community on the multiple status procs, as some elements procs (limited) only go to 10 for instance cold, puncture, impact and viral. while others can go beyond 100 procs like fire and electricity. i would like to hear ideas on how the limited elements can become unlimted procs
  7. although it isn't required I would like an option to sneak up on a capture target and sneak kill them. I mean when I do capture missions the minute I approach the capture target all hell breaks loose and tons of enemies try to block me while the capture target tries to avoid me (unsuccessfully). I just would like an option that allows sneak attacks on capture targets. also to not be swarmed by enemies if you managed to capture the target without notifying the other enemies or setting off the alarm
  8. different warframe configurations should have different polarities, I really see that configurations are not that useful as they keep the same polarity, how can the play style be different especially when ability stat mods each have their own polarity. right now the configurations are basically removing one or two mods to specialise in an area, which can easily be done with using the same configuration slot but editing mods just a bit more of a hassle. Anyways this idea allows players to experiment with different setups and discover new ways to play an old frame without worrying about erasing their old set up polarity configuration.
  9. I want to introduce a mod that either nullifies or reduces the negative stat of corrupted mods, the reason is that it will give a larger variety in playstyle. the mod can be introduced as either fused with a corrupted mod or used as an exilus mod.
  10. primed stretch should be introduced as ability range is the lowest of the three ability stats such that is doesn't reach 300% even with the range drift exilus mod. A maxed duration or strength mod can reach 300% while range can only reach a measely 265% which is a difference of 35%. primed firestorm the radial size of explosions when used with firestorm is fairly unnoticeable and makes firestorm not really too appreciated. I suggest making a primed version of radial explosions to 50% as it gives larger more noticeable raidus, more use of the explosive weapons. im sure there are other mods that could be primed but these two are what came to the top of my head.
  11. so given that inaros has the highest health I want the warframe reworked based on his tank health meaning enemies target him first or suffer penalties Ability 1 sand veil: inaros sends a wave of sand at enemies or allies that force enemies to target him with reduced accuracy with potential to jam weapons or for allies immune to enemy status procs and chance to deflect projectiles instead of getting damaged Ability 2 sand field: inaros creates a area of sand that converts a portion of damage on allies to armour for inaros while a portion of damage dealt to inaros removes shield and armour. Ability 3 sandstorm: inaros spins rapidly creating a sandstorm that pulls in enemies and projectiles, projectiles pulled in will deal damage to enemies caught in sandstorm, Inaros is invulnerable Ability 4 ancient sand curse: inaros holds all enemies around him in a life draining sand prison where they lose 1% of health a second and heals inaros, enemies killed by inaros while imprisoned reduces all other imprisoned enemies health by 2%.
  12. I want to suggest that when we use steel path the enemies increase in levels drop increased resources. so at lvl 110 the resources increase by 10% with 120 enemies another 10% increase and so on. Also when we do fissures if its doable make it so the reward give two relics per 5 minutes or 5 waves
  13. hydroid when using tentacle swarm the charging circle appears white normally however the charge circle turns black when operator form is used please fix this black circle it is hard to see the circle when this happens.
  14. inaros needs to stay constant with his story doing an entire rework will break what the devs had for him
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