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  1. Actually, the weapons that get used the most are most effective and "OP". And before Rivens, what did people say about these overwhelmingly popular weapons? They complained that everyone was using a handful of weapons, that the meta compelled them to take the Simulor and Tonkor and that everything else was just MR fodder trash. What happened to Simulor and Tonkor? They were fundamentally changed, at the mechanical and stat level. Nerfed into the ground. This too was negatively received, but was probably necessary. So they introduced Rivens, to level the playing field for the weapons that were under powered and under used. What I meant about knowing the meta: Knowing what is and isn't a Meta weapon doesn't just mean keeping track of the handful of weapons at the very top, there's also the issue of tracking the sub-meta weapons that can become meta with a riven. Evaluating and estimating the meta potential of a new untested weapon, and speculating where it might land in the weapon meta. As well as tracking and speculating which weapons will be getting primed next, and where their primes might land them in the weapon meta. It's a practically a hobby in its own right. Again. They didn't touch any of the weapons you claim have been nerfed. They nerfed mods. It's called late game balancing. The base weapon is still just as effective for anyone who built, forma'd, and modded it. Rivens are a late game item that provide power to late game players, with the specific and described intention of buffing non-meta weapons. I need to repeat this, because it's essential to correct your misapprehension of the situation here. Rivens are here to dynamically buff unpopular and less powerful weapons proportionate to their lack of use and lack of power. NOT to increase the power of weapons at the very top of the pile. They are meant to homogenize weapon selection for late game players, so that work you put in on non-meta weapons in the early game can translate into late game power. However, what the META weapons are, isn't set in stone. It fluctuates by degrees, and there are weapons that are closer and further from the top of the pile. So they created the disposition system, with the specific intention of providing continuous balance changes to adapt riven disposition to the current meta. In an attempt to make all weapons of a given class competitive with each other. Did they wait too long to start doing regular balance changes? Yes. They did, but now that they are, balance comes every 3 months with each and every prime access. Part of this system of balances is a restriction on how much a weapon's riven disposition can change each pass. If it's falling, it may continue to fall, if it's rising, it may continue to rise. If it was all at once, just plummet and skyrocket the disposition proportionate to popularity? It would crash the market, and no one would put value in rivens, If they never change rivens, like in the past, you see riven prices spike way too high. Like in the case of your "10k plat" rivens. Which is ridiculous by the way. That kind of price is an absolute ripoff, preying on foolish people with more plat than sense.
  2. As far as Rivens are concerned. Akzani was never new. It was released August 2014, Rivens were released in November 2016. Please, by all means, enjoy whatever rivened weapon you like. But if Akzani Prime ever happens, if it's fun and effective it will be popular, and its disposition will drop proportionately to its new found power and popularity.
  3. For your information. They don't balance Riven mods all at once, to avoid tanking the market on those mods. There is a maximum value that they can adjust a disposition for each balance pass. If something is on a downward trend. You can expect it to continue, proportionate to its power and popularity. DE isn't going to balance Strun any time soon. Unless Strun suddenly becomes super popular and everyone uses it. But it's not going to. It's old. Its position in the meta is stable. Partly because, despite its power, it's not that fun to use. The reload mechanic is quite obnoxious for many people. If you love it? Have a great Riven for it? You should absolutely be safe in assuming it's not going anywhere. In fact, most guns are like that. As they've balanced Riven disposition on weapons, many have reached equilibrium for their power / popularity and haven't been in a balance pass for months. Did you see how short the list is this time? Most of the guns shifting are the super meta weapons, and the super un-meta weapons that used to be meta when Rivens were originally rolled out, and they've been slowly boosting them up.
  4. DE has not nerfed any weapon. They nerfed mods. The weapon hasn't changed at all. There is an official explanation, Riven Mods are late game re-balancing. They're meant to add power to all weapons, proportionate to their popularity. The less popular, the more power. It lets DE balance the stats of guns, without messing with the gun itself, leaving a gray area for the players to decide what stat bonuses they want. (By grinding Kuva, which is its own issue, but that's how its done.) If you think Riven Mods are there for the benefit of meta weapons that are already at the very top of the pile, there's your explanation. Rivens are not for the best of the best. Piece of advice: Stop getting Rivens for Meta weapons and expecting them to hold their value. Not sure what's going to be meta? Wait, and see... don't throw money at something volatile. Wait a while for the next prime access (they balance Riven dispositions every Prime Access) and see if the weapon gets hit, if it starts on a downward trend... it's popular. It may not hit rock bottom, but be wary. Not every primed weapon skews the Riven disposition as hard as Rubico and Tiberon did. Considering both of those had some of the highest dispositions of their class before they were primed. They had the furthest to fall, and they fell all the way. As a player with rivens for both of these guns, I get it, it sucks. But it's absolutely to be expected, and we all saw it coming a mile away.
  5. Re-read the line you quoted. "a brand new fun to play weapon will always bleed value " Akzani is not new, it's not fun to play. And it's disposition isn't bleeding value. You didn't even bother engaging with my point. Which is that new fun/powerful weapons will have their disposition nerfed as soon as possible. Which is correct. You can count on it. If it's popular, it will get a downgrade.
  6. I understand the salt, I have a Catchmoon Riven too. It was nice while it lasted, but we all KNEW it wouldn't last. Has anyone here ever done a DPS calculator for Catchmoon with a Riven? It's gross. It's absurd. It was in the tens of millions last I checked. But you can rest easy now. It's now at the very very bottom. No further nerfs (to riven disposition) are possible now. Most of the salt in this thread is coming from the misapprehension that Riven Mods are stable. They're not, they're very slowly volatile. Your riven that you got for a brand new fun to play weapon will always bleed value, come the next disposition pass. Every 3 months, it will get hit, until it levels out. And then, given time, when the new-hotness usurps its popularity, it may come back up. Rivens are a speculators market. They don't hold value in perpetuity. Players shelling out Thousands for rivens for new or newly primed weapons are simply foolish. DO NOT buy when a weapon is new, this is the highest the market is going to be for that mod. If it's new the the rivens for it are in low supply. If it's good, it's going to be popular, and it's disposition is only going to be devalued from here. The only question is, by how much, and when will its bottom line rest? If you want to have a stable riven for it, buy later, when it's cheaper, and so that you actually know what you're getting in terms of stats. If you buy now, know that the majority of the inflated price is going towards a temporary stat value that will deplete over time. You're shelling out big, to be OP while it lasts. Not forever. The party ends. If you're rich and you don't mind having a fleeting overpowered tryst with a new gun. Fine. Pay whale prices for something that's going to dive. But you paid whale prices for something GUARANTEED to dive. The real con is the inflated prices on new weapon rivens. And probably, snipers. All Rivens for good guns, devalue. Trust me, I've spent 2k+ on a riven before. It's not worth it. Is it a hard lesson to learn? Yeah, sure stings, but learn, adapt, the system isn't changing. So you better.
  7. Weird little request. I love seeing Steve talk about the new lighting changes, but what gives me a burning curiosity, is seeing what the new lighting can do for dojos and complex decoration constructions.
  8. I love seeing Steve nerd-out about the lighting tech changes. As a founder and bleeding-edge Mastery Rank player, I find a lot of the fun I get out of the game comes from Dojo decoration. Can we get Steve's thoughts on how the new lighting might be applied to the dojo and the decoration system?
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