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  1. I love seeing Steve nerd-out about the lighting tech changes. As a founder and bleeding-edge Mastery Rank player, I find a lot of the fun I get out of the game comes from Dojo decoration. Can we get Steve's thoughts on how the new lighting might be applied to the dojo and the decoration system?
  2. I swear. If the dog that wins isn't a Corgi, this is a missed opportunity.
  3. I'm a long time player, with lots of patience. But one thing is gnawing at me about all the sweet stuff shown at TennoCon. What I'd like to know, isn't when we'll get it. But in what order we'll get it. What should I be hyped for first? Between multiple deluxe skins, Fortuna, Railjack, and the New War... I'm just beside myself.
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