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  1. Lol why not make them available both on Steel Path and Arbitrations instead of completely transferring them? This is why I want DE to not listen to the community for once. I don't have any problems killing with guns in Steel Path. People are just lazy and don't know how to mod/maximize properly.
  2. lol the nerf isn't enough, idc though since I hate mashing E. These youtubers/influencers are holding off the update. DE needs to trust their guts and ignore the community for once since they're right on track on this one. Just needs more ooomfpphh on the single target gun mods/arcanes.
  3. LOL Ayanga is strong? and Mausolon is stupidly strong? They can't even keep up vs most of the secondary weapons. Archguns aren't supposed to be a one time utility tool for one single boss fight. They're supposed to be SUPERWEAPONS that has long cooldowns and limited ammo reserves. They need like 4x the buffs on their current situation. They can do it through mods/arcanes or base stats just jam it in the Sisters of Parvos since there's only a handful of them.
  4. With the gun buffs through mods and arcanes, I think Arch guns should get a buff as well. These weapons are supposed to be limited use heavy power weapons but now they're a lot worse than ever. They should either add Galvanized Arch gun mod variants and Arch gun Deadhead/Merciless arcanes. Even with these added, I still think they're weaker than normal guns so base stats and/or riven disposition should be increased like 2-3x higher. This will make them feel more like a superweapon rather than a utility tool for bosses. What are your thoughts? EDIT: I'm talking about surface Arch guns which are deployed via Arch gun deployer. Arch guns on Archwing missions doesn't need any changes at all.
  5. Love it! Now please add Galvanized Arch Gun mods and Arch Gun Merciless/Deadhead.
  6. I think the guaranteed buff on a chosen frame every 10th is way too long. I think every 3rd would be awesome or like feeding helminth a set of resources ala resource dump to bypass it and direct buff a chosen frame.
  7. Most of them need tweaks but I am loving their direction so far. The gun buffs through mods and arcanes turned out great although I think that the non-AOE weapon arcanes needs like twice the buff. The melee nerfs are not enough even though I don't use them as mashing E is the most boring way to play Warframe. Waiting for the 10th invigoration for the Warframe of your choice is pretty long. New Helminth abilities are pretty niche. I want more control on the Parazon finisher since we'll still 1 hit those enemies anyways. I was expecting a second set of subsumable ability from a Warframe or an upgrade that allows you to subsume two abilities but it must be from different sources. Anyways, everything just needs more tweaks as they are already on the right track.
  8. You must be so bad at Warframe that you think guns can't handle Steel Path.
  9. Butthurts are the ones that couldn't afford a decent riven.
  10. Rivens make the market go round. People who doesn't understand rivens do not have a lot of plat. Start buying and selling god tier rivens and I guarantee you that you'll understand why it's important to keep the market working.
  11. Hek is meh. Unless we get some special effect. Would like it to have explosive shells or something like viral shells(similar to Sobek's acid shells but viral). Excited on Kuva Grattler or Kuva Zarr as an alternative for Kuva Bramma Mirage
  12. [WTB]: Impact Kuva Bramma Lich looking for any % but paying a lot more for 55% up
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