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  1. (After finishing the Rising Tide quest) Operator! Ordis plans to -DESTROY- share his opinions with Cephalon Cy!
  2. Base versions and prime variants having different dispositions is the most stupid thing you could have done. And yet here we are.
  3. With the mainline update bringing shield gating for all warframes, are there any plans to change/buff Hildryn's passive? Mainly because the 4 second delay before your shields start recharging (after being fully depleted) is kinda making her passive useless, since your shields won't even recharge during that time and you can't use any abilities, basically leaving her vulnerable after the short invincibility period. Any plans for reducing this time for Hildryn so her longer shield gate duration would actually be useful like before?
  4. We have a health based Warframe (Inaros), and a shield based one (Hildryn)... so how about a frame based on the concept of energy? It should have small health and shield pools and but an extremely large energy capacity, with innate quick thinking effect. Also similar to how Hildryn has Pillage and Inaros has Devour, this frame should have an ability that would quickly restore energy for itself and the squad. Can be a Damage/support specialist and maybe come with an exalted arm cannon (similar to Shedu) that fires energy balls!
  5. So... has anyone noticed how Garuda’s Seeking Talons has been significantly nerfed? With 170% power strength I used to be able to annihilate lvl120 enemies using the combo of her 4 and 1, basically the slash procs would kill everything in mere seconds. now I can barely do any damage, no matter how much I charge the blood ball or how many times I cast her 4, the slash procs just don’t do much
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