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  1. I need any Mag prime part. I started playing a little over two years ago and I've never gotten the chance to get the Prime version of my starter frame. Meanwhile, I already got Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime a long time ago. I'm hoping for Mag Prime with every new unvaulting and this one in particular feels insulting.
  2. Same issue for me, my friend and I can even see each other on a relay, but grouping together is impossible.
  3. Same here, it was fine an hour ago for me, but after Update 30 dropped my friend and I are unable to see or invite each other. My entire clan appears to be offline too.
  4. *bump* again... It would have been a perfect fit for the Octavia Prime launch.
  5. ... Now that Octavia prime is out, I wish that this comment had aged better.
  6. Thank you for Octavia Prime! Now would be the perfect time to release Somachords for the new tracks (e.g. from the new Corpus ships)!
  7. Nightwave Season 4: Go up against Helminth which, from all the intermission feeding, has grown into Jordans Golem 2.0
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