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  1. Same 😂 but my wife would keep me in check
  2. Exactly. Our own armor combinations, ephemeras when possible, weapons. Give us a pose option and let us run wild
  3. Is there any actual working database that houses a public access to Warframes models for 3D Printing purposes? I know DE has the statues and such that they sell themselves, but is there a place where you can "build" your frame or input a rendered model into code for a printer? Like the D&D character builders you see floating around. If there isn't this would be a neat way to go about it. Have two options: 1: Have DE print your frame for you. Send it to you in a box, we all paint them ourselves etc. This would cost the more of the two, as they're fronting the materials
  4. Edit, I will accept as updated: +Critical Damage or Attack Speed, Range, Cold Must have Range and Cold
  5. I'm looking for a Gram riven with the following: +Critical Damage, Range, Cold -Melee Combo Efficiency, Slide Crit, Finisher Damage -Impact/Puncture (last resort) Shoot me some offers, but I am ONLY after this specific combination. All 3 positives, must have a negative.
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