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  1. if anyone disagrees with any of it id like to here your ideas of ways to rework conclave.
  2. 1) add bots or specters to fill unfilled player slots and when a player join it removes a specter. 2) balance all weapons that were unbalanced and removed, also balance the unbalanced weapons that still remain 3) listen to the conclave player base for feedback and bugs 4) make it more rewarding to play and give people motive to play 5) add a battle pass system 6) add ranked matches to balance match making 7) add more fun game modes. I.E necramech pvp, kdrive racing, archwing pvp, open world battle royal, railjack pvp. 8) have a dedicated team to pvp side of things so you have time to work on both pve and pvp 9) make conclave its own dedicated region so no mater what reqion you are it will match everyone up. Also allow crossplay to conclave too 10) increase the player limit to 10 or 12
  3. In hotfix 1 of nidus prime and plague star ghoulsaw got removed due to being unbalanced but there are countless weapons that are unbalanced such as Mire, certa, telosboltace,saryns pasive with electric weapons, staticor, lacera, mios. Hmmmmmmm yes im sure a chainsaw is definitely unbalanced compared to all that. Please just remove or at least balance them properly. And if conclave is a lost cause acording to most player base why are they removing ghoulsaw. Please DE dont just think about the pve players, remember us conclave players are still here.
  4. Not sure if this is just on ps4 but when i plug my keyboard and mouse into my ps4 the game lets me use it but as the default keyboard and mouse controls So i obviously went to try and configure my keyboard and mouse keybinds but the game only lets me configure controler whereas on pc if i were to plug in a controler and configure if to my liking alongside keyboard and mouse. All i request is that you alow for ps4 keyboard and mouse keybind configuration.
  5. Or could be just a augment for nyx, maybe sent in inbox after completing new war
  6. After seeing that new war demo i came up with a incredibly fun and viable ability or a nyx mind control concept, if u cast on enemy u physically control that enemy dealing 300% dmg increase to their weapons (scales with strength) and your warframe turns into a specter dealing 100% of your weapons dmg (kinda like excal umbra does) or you warframe just stays still kinda like how it is when your in operator. I see this ability could be added in 3 features 1)nyxs mind control. 2)caliban 4th ability mimics the enemy and turns into them (kinda like how Echo does in overwatch) rather then controling them for a set duration. 3) operator, very simple just void blast then tranference
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