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  1. Granted but it becomes even worse afterwards I wish for the ability to make tennogen so I can get money
  2. Minimum stats: Lotus Omega Tall Bulky Double rare colours. Please post your kubrow's stats here. I will be using this chart to evaluate prices it comes from a credible source: This is the chart
  3. Hi all! I'm working on a project and in order to do that I will need you guys to share some of your best ordis quotes!
  4. You all have my word, I will start working on an amazon alexa advert ordis meme
  5. Banned for I don't know what frame your glyph is
  6. If you're ever lacking credits, a bit of index is always a good way to go
  7. Granted but you can't change back into a human
  8. Granted but it can't fly. I wish for more content
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