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  1. The phrasing of this question seems like you are planning on AFKing. Just incase you are, please don't
  2. Are you still using your starter frame? Are you still using MK 1 Weapons? What's your builds? (Check https://overframe.gg/tier-list/primary-weapons/ for builds and weapons to get in general)
  3. Don't play limbo, ever. Don't play max level nuker frames on affinity maps like hydron Only join missions like eidolons/profit taker/exploiter orb, if you know what you're doing Don't afk
  4. Translation: I want free things
  5. Just a bit horrible to your team really Why not play the game instead of finding ways not to?
  6. I want to give away ignis wraith blueprints to players who don't already have them Please message me ingame if you wish to get one for completely free I'm online most days to afternoons GMT time I'm limiting it to one per person because I'd like to get these out to as many players as possible!
  7. Limbo is not team friendly in the slightest, Either ask him to put down his bubble and, if he does, he sits there doing nothing for the rest of the game. Or if he refuses, you can sit there in some obnoxiously large bubble as enemies get frozen at the outskirts. Limbo players should play solo or not at all, especially if they have the intention of setting up a max range 4 ability.
  8. Frost is great early game. Rhino is also good for assassination (bossfight) missions and excalibur is a good frame to stick with if you want raw damage. Eventually you'll have to swap them around but I would main frost or rhino
  9. Just a bug, nothing you can do about it unfortunately. They are only 15 Plat if you have it spare, https://warframe.market/items/titania_prime_systems. If not, try opening a support ticket
  10. Build for strength and duration over everything else. Use energizing dash to keep your energy up This is my setup that I use for boss fights (eidolon, profit taker, wish I had more fights to list here lol) - 3+1 forma (1 optional, no umbras) Aura - Use any of growing power, steel charge (for the redeemer melt), dead eye (for rubico) or corrosive protection (for eidolon hunting/general use against high ballers) - I'd recommend an aura forma Exilus - Always use power drift, the power strength is needed Other Mod Slots: Umbral Vitality - Makes chroma a t
  11. Hello, I'm redoing my operator setup right now and I'm looking for the best arcanes for general use in eidolon hunting and profit taker. I'm looking for arcanes for the 777 amp and the operator, using the zenurik skill tree. All inputs are appreciated Thank you in advance
  12. It's a crit damage not a crit chance riven so you won't be landing heavy crits as often Have you built for status or crit? If crit, then you should build status for the riven you have. Status chance won't do much without high status damage output. If status, then try building crit more so you can do something with that high Crit Damage riven. Primarily build status over crit in this case
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