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  1. Can confirm Wukong's Cloud Walker's movement affected, sometimes it pushes you down or other direction while you pressing forward for example.
  2. Please notice how Adaptive Exposure affects the partical effects after the update, it almost eliminate them! + overexposured brightness Sorry but i can't call it less than a downgrade. Important to say that "left screens" are the image of the game that i had before the update (as close as it can be since we can't compare it now) but with Adaptive Exposure ON! Now to have the good graphics back you'll say that i should just turn adaptive exposure off but there's a downside again, the universe map will be overexposed (like it would've been if adaptive exposure was on lol but i guess there's no logic and common sence in our world at times): My thoughts about it is that adaptive exposure should be thrown away in garbage but then universe map overexposure needs to be fixed respectively. Also i agree with people who complained about metal parts of the Warframes, they're buffed in brightness and dull, previous "platinum" colors from Dojo colour pallete that i used on most of it is now just light grey or smth instead of being soft gold-platinum color. And all prizma skins for ships are now almost identical to the regular skins. Harrow skins overlaps in arsenal. That's what i got to say for now. Hope that i helped, and hope that we all can have pleasure from the game again soon! Thanks!
  3. it's not a taa problem, i run with smaa and have that problem too. It's an adaptive exposition issue. left - with adaptive exposition; right - without thing is that also makes some partical effects invisible When i've noticed this issue i just turned it off but then you have this over exposed map :\ So i had to turn that adaptive exposure on again but lower the brightness to 30 from 50. But again, this new lightning seems to turn off some partical effects + i noticed that brightness lowers itself when you go to colouring section and when you're at 30 already it get really dark. Waiting for a hotfix! Thanks!
  4. Catch-Up is really a good thing, but hey i'm in game like for 3 months now, and barely finished Plains, almost didn't started Fortune, bcoz of the amount of content, don't get me wrong, it's very, very cool seeing such a Dev in now days, Warframe literally the only game i'm spending my time on for these three months, before that i was making some texture mods for the witcher 3 to fully enjoy it, and i haven't even finished it since i tried Warframe 😄. It's cool, very, but it's very overwhelming at the same time, I haven't finished Wolf of the Sarurn 6, cuz of the time i've got how the game works it was already too late, it's kinda unforgiving for the new comers like me, i'm very upset that i won't lay my hands on Wolf's armor for example, or lost Umbra Forma. There're many things that a working man can afford except time.. I wish something would've been changed in that regard. Thank you for the great game! All the best!
  5. Thanks for fixing melee attacks out of the Cloud so fast! The only complains for me after today's patch are Cloud Walker's smoke effect, its pretty damn dence, especially in a middle of a fight with other Frame's ability effects can't see nothin, but maybe bcoz of graphical settings cuz they're at 200? Second thing, which won't ever be less important - Clone's AI improvements. And last, it would've been just great if CW could also heal team mates and guarded objects like Eidolon Lures! Bcoz I'm certain, me and many other folks tired seeing basically only Volt\Trinity\Chroma\Rhino on the Plains (and simply bcoz Wukong is my main 😄 ) - especially after this amazing gameplay-changing rework! At first I was very skeptical and pretty depressed while awaited Defy change but after release I am very grateful for these changes. Thank you, Pablo and the team! The only thing that's missing in Wu now is team support by healing with the Cloud Walker. Waiting for the Deluxe edition!
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