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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: While doing Magnacidium (Lephantis) on Steel Path Gara used her 3rd ability (Spectrorage) on the Corpus Head, resulting in it being unvulnerable and not opening up anymore, stopping mission progress Visual: none REPRODUCTION: We have not attempted to reproduce it EXPECTED RESULT: Corpus Head opens up and attacks the mirrors OBSERVED RESULT: Corpus Head stays closed, doesn´t attack anything and stops mission progress
  2. TYPE: In-Game / Visual DESCRIPTION: Excavator spawns in the texture of the tree/roots during the "Core Samples" Bounty, which causes a massive delay in spawning enemies (30 to 45 seconds between enemy waves) Visual: REPRODUCTION: Only spawned once in that place during 3 bounties, haven´t made an attempt to reproduce it anymore EXPECTED RESULT: Excavator does not spawn in another texture and enemies will spawn at a normal pace OBSERVED RESULT: Excavator spawns in another texture and enemies have a delay while spawning
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Bonewidows 3rd ability (Firing Line) is moving pets around VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use Firing Line with a Pet in its path EXPECTED RESULT: Pet will remain at its current place OBSERVED RESULT: Pet is moved around by Firing Line REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Oxylus does not mark down Flagellocanth VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Go to Cambion Drift with Oxylus equipped EXPECTED RESULT: Flagellocanth is marked OBSERVED RESULT: Flagellocanth is not marked REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
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