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  1. yeah you can use it, but just so many things go wrong and I never really got into pc gaming so never used a keyboard and mouse. I can play some games on pc just not games as quick as warframe without a controller
  2. what is Tennogen anyway seen it mentioned a few times I just thought it was for cosmetic stuff
  3. 4300 for £130 on pc 3125 for £110 on ps4 general price cheaper on pc as well, its cool now I know was just initially annoyed. Tis all 🙂
  4. Because I complain if I want to, If I played on PC where you could use it and on PS they have the same discount I think most would guess you can and not be happy when you realise you cant.
  5. 40% isn't dreadful I guess shame its not close to PC though
  6. do you know what the discount rate was? really tempted just to go back to PC if its rubbish
  7. so we get plat sales on the ps store? im guessing the rate is never 75%
  8. So I have moved to PlayStation roughly a week ago after I used to play warframe on PC but quit sometime ago. I thought I'd move to PS as I prefer playing on a controller and hate warframes controller support on pc. Today I log in to find I have a 75% discount as a log in reward and think great I can get some plat to help myself started..... well now I find out you can not buy plat on ps4 with the discount! what on earth is the point in it then? and why can you do it on PC (no idea about xbox) and not ps4? is this 75% discount useful for anything?
  9. after doing a google of this bug I have found countless people that also get this bug, how has it not been addressed or a solution provided? for any who do not know after I play WF for a while I don't know what starts it but when I press a bumper button as soon as I release it I start running left. I have found about 30 posts with other people reporting this but all the topics were closed and no solution ever provided. If I reset the game and start it again it stops but after a few hours it happens again. It seems to mainly happen when I go into freeroam as well and seems impossible to fix without resetting the game.
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