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  1. Yeah i'm feeling kinda stranded with getting plat from prime parts. But i'm all for tips how to get plat any other way. Doesn't really need to be more profitable but just a tat bit more reliable perhaps.
  2. I'm glad to hear that you met some friendly people. Well i did go out on an unecessary rampage.
  3. At this point i think i've learned my lesson. Think before actions which usually isn't my strongest suits.
  4. There's a lot of people who doesn't agree with what i said and i'm completely fine with that. I'm all for opinions i mean this thread is based on my opinion anyways. But some poeple can't take opinions for some reason, even defending everything that DE has done, even the launch of Railjack. DE isn't perfect. I like DE a lot. But what game company has ever been perfect? What game company doesn't have pros and cons? Do i expect them to be? No. But can i ask for improvements even though i'm not smart enough to come up with ideas? Of course. These forums wouldn't exist if opinions didn't...
  5. But instead of being angry why even reply then? I'm not smart and if you don't like my ideas then why wont you try to improve them perhaps?
  6. I agree, it takes way too long to get there just to be defeated by forma blueprints.
  7. Oh i take my time. I have over a thousand hours into this game and i'm only MR12
  8. And that's why these 13 relics and sometimes other relics are a big deal for me.
  9. Wow that old system sounded a lot worse. Well i agree that it doesn't need to be completely changed but some refinement would be nice. Why i base my plat income from prime parts is because i'm kind of too low MR to really get plat the most effective ways. That's why i spend so much time getting relics then upgrading them. However my plans when when somethings gets vaulted is to radshare. But i took some time off the game and when i came back i couldn't find any parties with the relics that had Ash Prime Systems since they were "too old"...
  10. Yeah with all 13, but then i need 13 to begin with, which took me some time to. But then i'm just wondering how high is the chance of getting at least a silver?
  11. The relic system is so boring that it's actually hilarious. First you need to get the relics, then you need to do so many pointless missions in order to get void traces. Then you upgrade it and probably don't get the rare item that you wanted. I once did 13 missions (together with 2 and a half hour of Lith relic missions because i didn't have any traces) with the Axi A7 relic. All radiant of course. The Axi A7 relic was vaulted when i did it so the relics sold for quite well. My goal was to get Ash Prime Systems which sold for around 100 plat. From all those 13 relics i didn't even get A SINGLE silver item. So selling the A7 relics would have MORE THAN DOUBLED my potential profit from one Ash Prime Systems. I got extremly frustrated since it could have been my best trades ever to that point. Later i did a Meso mission with an intact relic and got a rare. The chances to get a rare from an inctact relic is 2% and from a radiant relic 10%. Rng should exist but when it's this scaled and plat is such an important resource since it depend a lot of how much further you can progress in the game it's so boring and terrible that it is like i said "actually hilarious". My wish is that they make it funnier and better (maybe not easier) to get void traces. Then perhaps double or triple the prices to upgrade the relic but then locking in and guaranteeing the item that you want. Then vaulting stuff more often so that prices on prime parts doesn't drop tremendously. Thanks...
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