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  1. I cannot seem to get invites, and I'm appearing offline to others. Can confirm that I'm not in dnd mode. Players joining my public squad in a mission gives no notification - the chat icons appear briefly and that's it.
  2. Yeah, this hit me too. Ignored it and logged back in though. Are player invites failing with an offline message right now?
  3. For anyone with the same issue: deploy your archwing after you enter Deck 12, expend thermia and stay in archwing till the exploiter finishes that first sentence. A sure-fire workaround. Source: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136226-missing-hud-and-ui-after-entering-exploiter-orb-mission/?do=findComment&comment=11221667
  4. So I managed to get it on my 19th run. Never felt the need to vent about a blueprint grind, but this boss encounter is just unbearable. Anyway, I'm posting the following images for posterity. Never got the articula, but I doubt anyone would try farming it.
  5. Thank you guys for the replies. I'm at double the expected number of runs right now. Thinking of taking it slow from now on.
  6. I've been quite unlucky with Hildryn systems which never seems to drop. Is there any known issue after the recent updates which has skewed the exploiter drop rates? Anyone else who's going for Hildryn and experiencing something similar? Please let me know so I can decide on whether to keep repeating this nether sphincter of a fight.
  7. Yes, a sort of biased RNG. Maybe something like this at least for drops that cannot be purchased or traded? For example exploiter ephemera drops?
  8. This workaround kills the bug every time. Why haven't anyone upvoted this?
  9. The HUD keeps disappearing every time I go in solo. Just had one run where this didn't happen. Tried twice in a squad and the issue didn't come up. Doesn't seem to be triggered by entering options. Bringing up the map during stage 2 shows nothing except for the map controls on the bottom, and locks the entire screen. Pressing options twice will free you again.
  10. I'm here after trying this encounter for the first time and getting hit by this bug twice in a row.
  11. Profit Taker phase 4 bounty with a full squad crashes the game. Error code CE-34878-0. I'm not host. Works with 2 or 3 person squads.
  12. Finally. (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1152419-no-audio-cue-on-complete-shield-depletion/)
  13. Cool stream, can't wait to get into the Empyrean content. Plus, hoping someone would acknowledge this issue. Looking forward to 2020. Merry x'mas and happy holidays!
  14. Posted this on the PS4 bug forum and I've no idea if it's solely on my end. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1152419-no-audio-cue-on-complete-shield-depletion/ It's been driving me crazy - when your so focused on attacking and meanwhile the damage you take slowly creeps up till you hear the ticking; then you look at the health bar and go: Searched the forum but there's no mention of this. Anyone on PC with me? Just PS4? Or am I missing something?
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