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  1. Linked example with the +100% bonus sure puts it in perspective. Always thought the mod stat was synonymous with the arsenal stat - it's been so long and I never noticed it. Not even with other -reload rivens or corrupted mods...
  2. -88.6% is not 886%, which should make the reload go from 2s to under 4s and not nearly 18s. Is this not a bug?
  3. From 2s to around 18s reload. Close to 50k kuva on this, so unrewarding.
  4. I just don't get it... Why is extraction pathing so bad in this game? Is the green waypoint just an indicator for 'extraction ready', and we're supposed to complete a mini-game of 'find that room'? Tell you what, why don't you guys make the extraction point a synthesis target and let us use our synthesis scanners. Coz we don't have the luxury of a dev build /extract command or whatever it is.
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