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  1. If you are using the Napalm Grenade mod on your Penta, it changed the grenade within to the Grineer model. Using Tether Grenade will also change the base grenade model.
  2. Since I'm one of the bastards that got Excalibur Prime, its only fitting I put this umbral forma onto his pretty little horn
  3. While I am on board with the concept of leaving no man behind, wasting a recently earned crown for little more than a little extra standing isn't something I like to do either. Perhaps if the rescued Solaris gave something on top of the standing, I would be more inclined to help them out. Perhaps something like this: Granum Crown: 300 standing, low tier resources [Tepa Nodule, Phasmin, Scrap], and a chance at a Vega Toroid Exemplar Granum Crown: 600 standing, medium tier resources [Lathe Coagulant, Amarast, Medical Debt-Bonds] , and a chance at a Calda Toroid Zenith Granum Crown: 900 standing, rare tier resources [Zodian, Atmos Systems, Ecosynth Analyzer], and a chance at a Sola Toroid
  4. To be played after doing Clem's weekly mission: "Clem. Clem-clem. Grakata. Latron? *static* Twooo grataka." This is in reference to Datareaper's comic of clem: https://66.media.tumblr.com/d0207c0055d3503f3b8109007bd8f815/tumblr_mxv6tuA5gb1sbm2rpo2_r2_1280.png
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