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  1. I am so ready for a Frost Rework. He actually needs it. Everything he does another frame can do better than him, and we already have Oberon for that role.
  2. Still cannot blink in archwing while using a gamepad @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca
  3. Who are "we"? A lot of folks, including myself, love the new archwing controls.
  4. Still cannot blink with an archwing while using a gamepad.
  5. Unable to blink with archwings while using gamepad
  6. I am using a Xbox One Controller and cannot blink at all, no matter what combination of buttons I use. Double roll only decreases my altitude slightly. Can anyone else confirm?
  7. I watched the entire stream from start to finish on Mixer and got zero drops. Everyone in chat was saying that they hadn't gotten anything either at the end of the stream. Can someone address this? Mixer drops have been broken for a while now.
  8. I watched the entire stream from start to finish on Mixer, and no drops. Everyone in chat was saying the same thing. Did anyone at all have any luck at all while using Mixer?
  9. Hildryn's abilities need some work. Her 2 doesn't always sap shields from nearby enemies when it clearly should, and a lot of times whenever I use her 4 the enemies still float across the map like it isn't even affecting them. You guys said it yourself during the prime time yesterday that "you don't give Hildryn any love", and you really should. As a Hildryn main, these problems make her feel useless when she should feel like the CC monster she was meant to be. It's really disheartening to be surrounded by enemies, then pop her 4 just to watch them be lifted up, yet still float around firing like nothing is happening to them. Also, Frost rework when? He needs it, badly. Everything he does can be done better by another frame, and we already have Oberon filling that role.
  10. I see you haven't played the update. The Liches only spawn in specific Lich missions, so the only reason you or your party is playing those is to fight liches and gather murmurs. So if a Lich spawns in and its someone else's and they don't want to fight it? Tough luck for everyone else in the squad, as now none of their liches will spawn in until the first one is dealt with. Last hotfix there was an incentive to kill your lich, even without the required mods, as everyone in the team got free murmurs for a Lich's death. Players would all happily team up to try and take one down. Now with only one person receiving murmurs, a lot of players don't want to deal with their lich if they don't already have the required mods, since it will increase the Lich's territory on the starchart. So now players just ignore liches and try to extract, while other players are trying to get their lich to spawn in to kill it/test requiem mods and cannot do so because some other player is ignoring their Lich. It's easier and simpler to just play solo now. Which is bad for a co-op based game.
  11. Still never got any drop from last time on Mixer. Have verified my account is properly linked and re-linked multiple times. Guess I will have to watch on Twitch if I want any chance of receiving a drop. Also, revert to the way Liches used to work as per the last hotfix. As of right now there is no incentive to play co-op since other folks won't kill their lich and that stops any more Liches from spawning. It used to be fun to team up to take down someones lich together since everyone got a nice little bonus of murmurs. Now there isn't a point and it's best to just play by yourself. It's a bad sign when your co-op game is better enjoyed solo.
  12. You know you have messed up when your co-op game is now more fun to play solo. DE needs to revert this ASAP. It's honestly kind of made me not want to even bother playing for a while until they figure this crap out.
  13. Also, Lich weapons should be free to rename, because "Nod Orrts Kuva Twin Stubbas" just looks like crap.
  14. I am really losing interest in Liches because I keep getting the same weapons over and over again every time I get a new lich. There really should be a way to get rid of a lich quickly or have a system in place where you can't get the same weapon twice in a row.
  15. Can Kuva Liches that you have vanquished spawn in regular missions to help you? Because if not, that seems unfair since the Lich can steal rewards from you in non Kuva Lich related missions.
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