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  1. Why are we now not able to trade our sister litches at the Crimson Branch when we convert them I have no idea where she is at... all I got was a stupid contract in my inbox
  2. That's a fact... I've been running the Veil void storms to get the new tenant weapons everyday and still no Holokeys... I don't care about the BS about RNG... running missions for 2 hours and not one key drop is BS. Make it even across the board. You've done it with the steel Essence drop do it with this stupid Holokeys
  3. Is anyone else having issues with the Corpus Lich not spawning on Pluto, Phobos and Neptune??? we have tried for over an hour, and yes we tried all nodes on the planets ,and different types of weapons and warframes... only parvos granum would show up and drop the granum crown, we would wait 5 minutes and Nothing. Another hot fix???
  4. Thank you very much for the info it was very informative and I really appreciate that. I am still looking for someone to decorate at least two of the rooms that have
  5. I'm on Ps4 platform and would like to know, does anyone know how and where to find and hire a legitimate dojo decorator? I tried warframe discord but no help there...any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. Same thing...smh I took a picture of the boosters I did have and sent it in with my ticket again even though they stated that it was fixed
  7. I did the same and not received it. Maybe it will drop with the hotfix on Tuesday?
  8. Yes I also purchased the starter pack and I did not receive anything is this a bug? And how do I receive the boosters?
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