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  1. Wow ...thank you for the information my brotha, glad to know that I will still have my mods tho...
  2. My son was trying to farm I think the turret velocity Avionic that really pissed about the low drop rate and he ended up buying it for 500 plat I think I'm not sure my wife got hers for 300 plat... And good to know about the cost thank you very much I am going to start hitting the index as soon as I get home from work LOL thanks for the information fam
  3. RJ Avionics we purchase for a good amount of plat are we allow to keep? And also while following the Forms a lot of players have been stating that the conversion from dirac to Endo from avionics to mods is not equal... For all of us who had built our railjack early and maxed out everything we should receive the new set up maxed out... I hear players saying that we would have to use 1.5 million credits to Max some of the mods out... seems to be a bit unfair since we already maxed and paid into upgrading all of our Avionics
  4. That part I understand but I was wondering about the modding, if it's going to be straight standard or is it like how we have, continuity intensify, and stretch for our Warframe. Will this be mods? and will they be available to us, be purchased or would we have to go out in our railjack and farm them? I'm excited for this to hurry up and come I just want to be prepared so I could just jump in..ya know👍🥳💯
  5. let’s talk about Reactors. They exist to give you Avionics Capacity, and Flux Energy. Both of those things are now removed, so the new role of Reactors is to provide Power Strength, Range, or Duration buffs to Railjack Battle Avionics being used aboard the ship. So will you be providing us with the new mods to compensate for the reactor that that we farmed for hours to get. That now you will be removing? Oh will we have to go back and Farm for each individual mod again?
  6. Just recheck the score and you're right. Thank you
  7. So anyone that joined after the event started their score will not count even though they played for our clan??
  8. we added everything up and skipped all the duplicates and it still did not add up what the leadership board is saying our clan score is
  9. Are the Clan standings on the leadership board final and if so how did they come up with those numbers... I ask because my clan score does not equal the sum of all participating members best score. Does DE have a special formula and if they do can someone explain it to me.
  10. How long will it stay in your Twitch inventory if you miss the manual pick
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