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  1. Post to up this thread. It's still relevant to this day :c
  2. I thought about stats that could keep the main idea behind the mod. +Headshot Damage -Damage should do the trick, but those would need to have a fair balance in values ; I'm unable to put figures on that.
  3. Daikyu feels pretty much a Rubico Prime killer right now. Achieving 90 000 bleed tick with Amalgam Target Acquired and Hunter Munitions is pretty much over anything I seen. And that's prior riven. Changes I thought about to balance it: Critical chance 34 -> 28 Everything seems pretty nice. Paris is now really enjoyable.
  4. Hello. I've been pretty hyped by Vulkar getting a bit more attention with Nightwave. But, it's a mod dead in the egg. Devs got a nice idea for this mod and make the weapon more interesting to play. But it doesn't work. Not as it should. Meticulous Aim gives +105% headshot and -45% bodyshot bonuses. Issue is that the headshot bonus will apply to any initial hit, but when it comes to status, like slash or gas, that initial hit will result in a proc applied to target's body. Thus resulting in +60% headshot bonus for those. Basically Target Acquired with a very painful gameplay negative. Game mechanics don't give the results players had in mind when getting the mod, so it's pretty much dead even before being released. Please DE! Give it a look! I'd be curious to hear what my fellow Vulkar lovers think about that. Thanks for reading :3
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