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  1. realistically tho if the only thing scaling to enemy scaling is his flechette orb and photon strike, its not a gamewide thing that every frame has access to and it's a niche thing on vauban because those two abilities are damage-centric abilities on a cc/utility-oriented frame that tends to choose range/dur over straight powerstr; im not gonna agree with you saying that adding that mechanic totally defeats the entire idea of enemy scaling in the first place since its really not game-breaking levels of scaling anyway also wanted to point out that photon strike and flechette orb are both limited by their deployment and are completely overshadowed in the damage department anyways by other frames, so if your argument to change enemy scaling is gonna stem from anywhere it'd probably be a better choice to start with the frame that can wipe away enemy armor across the map in about 5 seconds or the fact that most of our weapons completely negate most damage abiltiies, or maybe the one that can spam execute enemies and cut off 25% of their maxHP through resistances instead of the mechanic made to allow a ccframe to deal relatively mediocre damage in a relatively small area once every few seconds i agree with the modding idea, if everyone puts on the same multishot/basedmg mods why not cut out the middleman and just bake those stats into the weapons themselves or remove them entirely and compensate through reducing enemy armor scaling (which was the reason we needed to pile on so much multishot and basedmg in the first place) to add more slots for meaningful utility-centric mods
  2. its possible to build it on floors above 1, its just it tends to collide with lower floors due to being so massive probably build it outwards using extended straight hallways itll be fine after 2-4
  3. was having this issue, tried building it above other rooms our dojo below that is relatively compact but it still took 3 extended hallways (use extended, dont use normal straights) to get it built
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