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  1. I'm loving the changes so far, my only complain is that the ui doesn't indicate anywhere the end of mission credit rewards
  2. As the tittle says, I was doing some SO with an alliance mate (he/she was hosting) and we were in the zone 6 when I noticed grendel wasn't able to C O N S U M E eximus units there, normal units seemed to be fine, not a game breaking bug but quite the annoyance for any grendel player that wants to do SO or ESO for that matter (haven't tested there yet)
  3. Just did a 5 murex run, and only got 2820 scarlet credits .-.
  4. Why is it still possible to get 400 dirac or 1k dirac as an end of mission reward on rj missions? I thought this clean up was game wide, and leaving rj missions rewards out of the equations seems odd to me considering it is an important part of the game now
  5. Is there any reason in particular as to why our sentinels don't have shield gating yet? They already are a weak bunch so you'd assume that these shield-gating changes would also affect them. The same could be said about their health/shield/armor. Have they gotten the new TENNO health, shields, or armor with this update to help with their survivability?
  6. What would you think is the sound that people less noticed in the game and why?
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