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  1. I have started to notice some things being presented in arguments around the Lich system that either nether were or are at least no longer true. I just want to clear a few of these up in hopes to help make sure we are all on the same page. 1. Myth: Stabbing your Lich and failing reduces it's rage causing it to not spawn spawn as often. This means it's better to wait to stab him when you are closer to being able to win. Fact: This may or may not have been true at initial release, but as of right now this is absolutely false. Stabbing your Lich early and often does not reduce rage and in fact as of my tests today, seems to actually increase it. I was able to stab my Lich 3 missions in a row and go from about 65% to 80%ish rage maybe more. It for sure did NOT go down. 2. Myth: When completing a word mid mission, murmurs do not roll over into the next word, so stabbing a Lich when you are close to completing a word is pointless. Fact: This was true at initial release but as of the Nov 5th patch this has been fixed and continuing to collect murmurs in a mission where you complete a word now rolls over into the next word. Unless the word you completed was the last one, of course. 3. Myth: There is no way to opt out of the Lich system once you have completed The War Within. Fact: This was sort of true at initial release, where if you accidentally killed a Larva then you were committed to completing the Lich. However this has since been changed to an "Opt In" system, where now you not only have to kill the Larva, you also have to then use your Parazon on it. If you do not use your Parazon on the Larva, it will despawn in about 30ish seconds and you will NOT receive a Lich at the end of the mission. 4. Myth: There is no way for me to despawn my Lich without stabbing it, eating a death, and causing it to level up. Fact: You can despawn a Lich without eating a full death and causing it to level up, by letting it put you in a bleed out state using it's regular attacks. The Lich will despawn and a teammate can then revive you. There may be more that I have missed and I will be adding them here as more are found and/or things change.
  2. Actually I just confirmed this is FALSE. I just stabbed my Lich and died and at the end of the mission his anger was HIGHER than when I went in. It is possible this is something that has changed since the initial inception, but as of now attempts do not seem to lower anger.
  3. If you want to get technical, Ordis isn't even real. He is part of a code base created by a real company called Digital Extreme for a game called Warframe. So if DE wants to add it they can, it's their code. 'Nuff Said.
  4. Except the Ordis impersonation, still detects Stalker, G3, Juggernaut, Kuva cloud details, and everything else the Lotus did.
  5. No. No one is putting a gun to your head and "forcing you" to do NW, just as no one is "forcing you" to play the game. However it still stands that to do NW with the goal of reaching rank 60 for all the credits and things you can buy with it, you are FORCED to do things like animal captures. I find fishing, mining and animal captures all mind numbingly boring, but at least with fishing and mining you get crafting materials out of it that you can use. With animal capture you get nothing but tokens for a useless floof. Maybe if there were some benefit to doing them it could be a little different.
  6. Yeah yeah, OK so the Ordis impersonation of Lotus that still "talks to us' then.
  7. The fundamental problem isn't a good host vs bad host (although specifying mission parameters as in the mock up above would be amazing). The problem is that the WF client cannot consistently handle a disconnect gracefully which is something FTP clients have been able to accomplish since the mid 90's. What should happen is in the event of a host migration, it should try to reconnect you with the remaining team mates, if it is unable to do so, it should make you your own host instead of just dumping you out with a failed mission. Done. it really shouldn't be any harder than that.
  8. At this point I would be happy if the controls worked the same in space as it did in PoE/OV. Having completely different controls especially when going from one into the other is very jarring.
  9. She can't see them coming, but once she knows they are there she can scan for them and no longer detect them on her scanners when they leave. She alerts you to Stalker, G3, Juggernaut, etc. and I am not even asking for an alert when they are coming, just when they are gone.
  10. It would be super helpful if the Lotus could announce something like "It appears the Lich and their Thralls have retreated, you are clear to proceed" when no more Thralls or Liches are going to spawn. Especially in the faster missions such as capture, I have seen teams arrive at the extract point with Thralls and even Liches still spawning. Currently there is no way to know if we are done and can leave, or if we should wait a bit longer. This would help us to know for sure.
  11. That is kind of the point of what I am asking for. Currently I believe the cap is 10 thralls per mission + 5 with a Lich. I am saying it should be + 5 PER Lich. So staying just a bit longer and getting more Liches is still more of a gain than the current process. This saves a bit of time loading out, loading back in and completing another objective. It would also be super helpful if the Lotus could announce something like "It appears the Lich and their Thralls have retreated, you are clear to proceed" when no more Thralls or Liches are going to spawn. This would give a clear indication.
  12. I 100% understand where you are coming from. However I have been in the position where I knew all 3 words AND the correct order and just needed my Lich to spawn, only to be blocked by someone doing that for 3 missions in a row. That means I was forced to do more missions than I should have with even LESS reward that you since I wasn't even getting murmurs anymore. I get this is how you want to play but completely preventing me from playing at all isn't the answer.
  13. Except that it isn't like that. Maybe if you had said all that and ended with you eat one death, res then win the mission anyway then sure. First and foremost the 'zero way to "opt out" of it' bit was true on day one but has since been rectified. You now have to OPT IN to participate. It's been this way for a while now. I have tested it and it works. I did the Capture on Saturn for NW with no interest in a Lich at the time. Larva spawned, I killed him and moved on without opting in, and guess what, NO LICH. That said, I still think there should be an MR 10 min requirement to participate simply due to the level of weapons available at MR 5 vs MR10. Based on the last sentence in this quote sounds like you would agree. I have never gone more than 3 maybe 4 missions without my Lich spawning, except when I had multiple missions in a row where someone left theirs up. That is even starting with fresh new Lich with zero rage. You are obviously working on outdated info, because the murmurs were made to "spill over into the next word" as you put it in the Nov 5th patch where they adjusted the amount required. So it's been this way for nearly two weeks. For proof from
  14. Well it's more than that. Currently we can only test weapons and frames we already have, with mods we already have. We cannot modify mod rank while in the current Sim. I haven't tried to do a Forma in the Sim but it says it is going to reset it. I also did add a potato once in the SIm and it was still in the weapon when I left. Luckily I was OK with that, but to me the purpose of the Sim is to, well, be a simulation that in NO WAY affects the real world.
  15. I was thinking about this the other day. Why are there Index based NW missions, but no Arena based missions? To me it seems that NW is designed to get players to experience a little bit of all the game has to offer and this seems like an oversight.
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