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  1. That's all well and good, except when DE keeps making "your best gear" a moving target with all the changes, nerfs, buffs, etc. Can you imagine if someone used an Umbral on a weapon 1 month ago that is now nerfed into the ground and now they get to wait for another Umbral Forma and pray the next time they use it it doesn't just get wasted again? I am NOT saying they need to make them common, but maybe a tad more common. OR As an alternative, when they make big changes like they did with this patch allow player a 1 time opportunity to extract and reuse their already used Umbral Forma. This is exactly why I have never bothered to even use mine, because the game just isn't stable enough to know what will even be worth using it on next month, much less further down the road. Right now Sac Steel and Sac Pressure are great for Charged Attack weapon builds. What are you going to do if you used your Umbral Forma today to make this awesome new weapon and DE nerfs it next patch?
  2. I know it's old, and no where near as fast paced. If you want a REAL challenge might I recommend EverQuest. Insane difficulty especially as you level up, death = Exp loss including whole levels if you die too much, and challenge getting your stuff back when you are dead. It was is still is probably one of the most challenging and punishing games ever made. I played it for more than 10 years and EVERYTHING since has been a cake walk. I am not trying to be funny or condescending, but offering a real challenge if you think you can handle the punishment.
  3. Honestly with as many frames and weapons that exist in the game, and how each frame is completely different, I think trying to properly balance PVP in WF would be a never ending nightmare for DE and even then I am not sure it could be done satisfactorily. No matter what they did players would be crying for nerf this frame and that weapon constantly even more than they are now.
  4. Yeah I was wondering why this wasn't already a thing. Of course the tab should only show up for people that have access to the {spoiler} so as not to spoil anything.
  5. Especially now with all the Kuva weapons requiring 5 forma just to get the MR.
  6. I guess it is true: You can't use logic and reasoning to talk someone out of a position they didn't use logic and reasoning to arrive at. Goodnight.
  7. ROFLMAO. Anyway who cares if some frames can kill faster than others? It's not a big deal. So? You do realize that if you don't like the team you get, you can abort and get a new one right? I do it all the time if I get in a group with a bad Limbo or now with a Vauban that is using Vortex to get mobs stuck in geometry. You could do this with frames you don't like too. That is the nature of PUG's. As alternatives you could put together your "dream team" in the recruiting channel, play with clan mates, do it solo for even more challenge, or just go play something else that is the correct level of challenge for you. That is what I mean about no self control. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from buffets. I am not sure you could refrain from eating everything. I mean it's there and you paid for it right, so you will just have to eat it all. Then you'll want the restaurant to nerf the buffet for everyone so you don't get too fat. So what's next? Maybe you'll want to nerf invis frames because they trivialize content by becoming un-hittable and they can zip through with a powerful Zaw or polearm and obliterate everything in their path without a care in the world. Maybe you'll want to nerf speed frames after that, because they can basically do the same thing only way faster. Speaking of which, how is it fair that Mirage can have 4 copies of herself amplifying damage through the roof? How is it fair that Limbo can enter a rift plane and move through the whole map untouched? My point is that nearly every frame has something that could be considered by someone as "unfair". You are only seeing things from YOUR perspective. DE has done a great job IMHO at making sure there is something for everyone with a myriad of frames, each with special abilities that set them apart from the rest. Sure there are a few frames that I personally consider garbage frames but I would rather see those frames reworked and made better instead of taking the shine off the rest. The ONLY way to achieve perfect balance is if they got rid of every single frame except one and everyone had to use the same frame. How many players would still be here to play it though?
  8. You are arguing for nerfs to frames you think are too powerful, and then in the part I quoted you seem to be saying that if you have the mods you are going to use them even if it makes your frame more powerful than you think it should be, which is just dumb. I like a little challenge too, so guess how many Rivens I am using. Zero. I will use a Riven for my Rubico Prime (if I can ever get a Rubico Prime Riven) but only for Eidolons. I have the self control to not over mod my stuff. I am sorry you lack that ability but that isn't my problem.
  9. If you think your frame is too powerful, why build it that way? Why try to get everything nerfed to meet YOUR desire of how powerful a Frame should be? You sound like one of those vegans that think meat should be banned for everyone. It's not our fault that you (or the "ban meat" vegans) don't have the self discipline to do what you want without dragging everyone else down with you.
  10. 1. No every ability, not even just nuke abilities need to be made LOS. Really I think most people are talking about Saryn but if you took her 1 away, why would anyone play her at all? That ability is her niche, her bread and butter if you will. She isn't a tank frame, she isn't a buff frame, she isn't a support frame, she isn't a heal frame, she is a nuke frame. Take that away and what do you really have? I say this as someone that rarely even plays her now but have been in many groups with a Saryn, she is fine as is. 2. Nerf bullet jumping? Why? The parkour system is what makes this game better than most. Start nerfing that and people may as well go play any other looter shooter. If you don't like bullet jumping don't do it, but stop trying to force your dumb ideas on everyone else. If I wanted to play a walk around game I wouldn't be here. A player asking to be nerfed is about as smart as a chicken asking Col. Sanders to fry it.
  11. I had a clan mate earlier complaining that his Lich was stealing ALL of his relics as fast as he could get them. Meaning it was impossible for him to get the mods. I never heard back if he managed to get any or not. I think he finally logged off in frustration. If the Lich is stealing all of the relics before you can open them, then that isn't a challenge, it's impossible. To have a semi-newbie end up with an unkillable loot thief version of stalker isn't going to add "fun" to anything. Luckily I heard this complaint before I got a Lich (still haven't) so I am farming to get all 8 mods before I even get a Lich so I don't have to worry about stolen relics trying to get the mods. I currently have 6 of the 8 possible mods. I do like the idea of making the larva spawn only on Sedna though (currently needs Saturn +), but it might be wise to also add a MR requirement, like maybe 10 or so. I do also like the idea of a way to opt out (or better yet make it an opt in once you kill a larva). The reason for this is even if you are MR27 at some point you ARE going to everything you want from the Lich stuff, so you stop getting Liches and give all your mods away to clan mates still working on it. So what happens when one day doing NW or helping a clan mate you accidentally kill a larva b/c it got in the way and you hit with AoE (maybe with Saryn, Equinox, Octavia, or just a random AoE weapon) and now you HAVE to refarm it all even if you don't want to and would get nothing out of it. I know none of us are to that point yet, but I can totally see it happen.
  12. Maybe but I haven't really had a problem with potatoes and forma myself. I accidentally bought an Exilus Adapter on day one not realizing what I was doing and I think I might have bought one potato, not really sure otherwise it was 0. Never needed to buy forma. As mentioned I have 16 Primed Frames and several Primed weapons and even Odonata Prime. All that farming plus all of the void traces needed, anytime all 4 players either had 15 ducat rewards that I didn't need or Forma, I would choose the Forma. So I have been able to forma everything I ever wanted and have like 20 something in reserve. Thanks to NW, Gift of Lotus, and the occasional alert, I currently have 6 or 7 Catalysts and 8 or 9 Reactors banked. Now I do not have every frame potatoed and formaed but I do have all of the ones that I enjoy playing built out.
  13. I just started playing May 10th of this year, yet I already have every single base frame in the game, 16 Prime frames, all of the so called "best weapons", and all the mods I need (including all the Baro Primed mods) with the possible exception of "memeing strike" and a couple of Failwing mods. I only bought plat twice (once with a 70% off and once as part of the Tenocon for the total Baro inventory access) and used some to buy 1 frame (Wisp) early on to get over a hump in progression and 2 or 3 mods that I needed, but I could have done everything without doing that. I was able to get 90plat worth of rare mods I needed with an even trade for a spare complete Hydroid Prime set that I had farmed. The only thing you really need plat to buy is more slots. Pretty much the ONLY thing you really have to buy from other players would be specific Rivens which are NOT required for anything in the game other than stupidly long survival missions. So I guess what I am saying is that I have no idea what you mean that you "can't get good loot" without buying it. What is this "good gear" that you can't get?
  14. 1 and 2, while technically true, this is not apparent in any way. I opened up the market, looked at the weapons and saw a wall of options. I clicked on a few and the ones I happened to look at were blueprints since the fully built stuff was not called out or even sort-able/filterable, I assumed they were ALL blueprints. I was MR 7 or 8 before I even realized there were fully built weapons in the market. I did buy a couple of blueprints only to find out afterwards that I couldn't build them and now I was out of credits. This is NO WAY looking through the Market to determine what planets you need access to in order to build something as a new player. I again incorrectly assumed the game would follow a sensible progression. Nothing like grabbing that Rank 2 Atterax only to discover after purchase that it requires Argon Crystals that only drop in the Void. Meanwhile the Hek which is MR 4 only requires up to mars for the salvage. This is what I mean by low rank weapons need to use only low tier crafting components. The Hek should be lower rank than the Atterax OR the Atterax should change what components it requires. As far as 3 goes I did get through Mercury pretty quickly but with Mag as a starter frame and not having any energy like ever, I pretty much stopped trying to use her abilities (waiting for that glorious time somewhere in the future that other players kept telling me would come where I wouldn't have any more energy woes) and just used weapons to kill stuff. So when I got the Mars junction, that boss ate my lunch over and over and over. I didn't get passed it until a week or two later when someone told me that the number of remaining capacity points you have affects the amount of energy you start with in a mission. Then I was able to pull off some non-required mods to get enough energy to use the right abilities to kill the specter. I agree with most of this, and if I started over right now with the knowledge that I have gained I could do it a whole lot faster and easier with a lot less frustration. The problem is as a new player that has never seen the game before, you don't know that there are fully built weapons in the market, which planets which components drop from so you can make smarter choices buying blueprints, which weapons work better, how to manage energy use, etc. New players have no clue what Maroo's is and as far as NW you aren't getting very far in it as a new player since you have no chance at doing a LOT of those tasks. You are going to be able to do most of the dailies, a few of the weeklies and zero of the elite weeklies. An experienced player starting over is NOT the same as a new player with zero prior knowledge. This is a very complex game and that is a GOOD thing but there does need to be a bit more info in game. Especially as new features are unlocked. And a more logical weapon and frame progression as I have mentioned.
  15. For the most part I agree with your post, except for point 1. I didn't know MR existed until I got the first Rank test popup and even then I had no idea what specifically raised it. I had to to go hunt that info down on the internet. Once I knew it still didn't help much because even frames from Tier 1 planets and Rank 0 - 2 weapons required junk from higher tier planets and end game zones like the Void in order to build them. To be honest I felt 100% stuck. I started with Mag, had crap weapons and not a lot of mods. No forma, no potatoes, and serious energy issues. I found it difficult to get past junction bosses to progress enough to get the parts to build the stuff in order to level MR. I was considering quitting then I got a 70% plat coupon (only one I have ever seen in my 140ish days) and I bought some plat. I used that to buy Wisp when she was released and since she and her Fulmin came pre-potatoed I was able to equip enough mods to finally start progressing. Essentially without that coupon and subsequent expenditure I can all but guarantee I would not be here today. Now I have completely unlocked the map, farmed every basic frame in the game, 15 Prime frames, and all the necessary mods (except maybe Maiming Strike). All of that leveraged from that single purchase. All it would have taken to make the game playable is a more logical approach to what items blueprints require based on where they drop. Then again I also feel like they do that crap intentionally in order to force people to pay.
  16. If so they failed with that portion of it. The goals were already there. Clear the planets, rank up, and obtain the new frames and weapons that you unlock. Clear enough and logical enough, right up until you realize that the blueprint you just unlocked is currently useless and will take more ranks and planets to even use. It defeats the purpose of even having frames and weapons available earlier if you can't use them.
  17. I know I am a bit late to this party but as a relatively new player (just started a few months ago), hopefully my feedback will be beneficial. To me one of the most frustrating things early on and that almost made me quit was the idiocy in the order that blueprints become available vs the order that the components to make said blueprints become available. In other words, if you can get access to a blueprint, you should be able to get the parts to build it. Some examples: The second planet a new player comes to is Venus where they acquire their second frame (Rhino). Yay, I get a new frame to play with right? WRONG. To build Rhino requires morphics that you cannot get until Mercury is unlocked, Salvage that you can't get until Mars, Control Modules that you have to wait until Europa for, and Salvage that you can't get until Saturn. REALLY?!!? Why give the players these blueprints if they can't even build the damn thing? Frames should ONLY require parts from the planet they come from and planets earlier in the chart. So Rhino should only require parts from Venus and Earth. Excalibur from Mars should only take parts from Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. It's called "progression" and there should be some logic applied to it. The same goes for weapons. It really feels like a slap in the face to rank up and look in the Store for a new weapon that you now qualify for, you buy the blueprint, then discover you aren't even close to the planet where the components drop to build it. All the excitement of leveling up just destroyed and turned into disappointment. Really, rank 1 and rank 2 weapons should NOT require parts from the Void. Lower rank weapons should only require parts from lower tier planets. If the weapon is "too good" to use lower tier parts then maybe it is set at the wrong Rank requirement from what it should be. Really, why even allow players to get the blueprints for these weapons if they can't even get the parts to build them? It makes ZERO sense, it doesn't add "challenge", it only adds frustration.
  18. @[DE]Helen You say Mirage is being Vaulted but did not list Zhuge as one of the weapons going away. I bring this up because the String for the Zhuge is on the Axi M1 Relic (Mirage Blueprint). So does this mean Zhuge will also no longer be available or will that part go on a different relic?
  19. I have only been playing for a few months but this has happened to me several times. Once I lost one of the rare Augur mods from Cetus bounties and I have never gotten it to drop again.
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