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  1. Personally i feel that due to the lore of it being made from broken frames and held by void energy, his abilities should have a randomised element to it, keeping in true warframe RNG style. Every ability when cast will have a chance of presenting itself as either a buff or an active action. Void damage will be done passively to any damage type. Ability 1 -- Blitz-- (the warframe siphons kinetic energy from the void to speed up or just straight up travel short distances through the void) 49% chance to boost movement and attack speed by 40% for 15s 49% chance to blink in the direction of camera by 10m. 1% chance to activate both effects, 1%chance nothing happens. Ability 2 -- Fortify (the void energy reassembles each broken part of the warframe to fit together better, boosting armour or returning it to its former alignment to heal itself) 49% chance to gain 300 armour for 20s 49% chance to heal 50% max hp instantly 1% chance to activate both effects, 1%chance nothing happens. Ability 3 -- Extension (unpredictable surges in void energy saturates the warframe or reaches out to its allies) 49% chance to double all current buff strength and duration on yourself. 49% chance to share your buffs with allies in affinity range. 1% chance to activate both effects, 1%chance nothing happens. Ability 4 -- Void Storm (breaking off expendable parts of itself, the broken warframe uses them as shrapnel to protect itself or fire off at enemies) 49% chance to add multishot to current equipped weapon (combo counter chance for melee) at the cost of your own hp. 49% chance to turn into a swirling vortex of broken warframe parts and void energy for 25s that deals physical and void damage to enemies nearby at the cost of your own hp(You can still fire your weapons during this effect.) 1% chance to activate both effects, 1%chance nothing happens. The percentages of activation are up to staff at DE to balance. Negative power strength will tip percentage towards active skills. Positive power strength tips percentage of activation towards buff skills. Percentages cap at 70/28 respectively. Edit: added some descriptions
  2. i still feel that titania augment for razorwing damage reduction needs rework since no one is going to pick that over aviator.
  3. Since we already have umbral excalibur, and with the whole new war thing going on, i figured it would be time to have a sentient hybrid glitch infused warframe to bring a whole new meaning to the term bugframe. Picture this: Aboard the drifting ship Zariman Ten Zero, there was one child who unlike the others was a sort of a nerd outcast. He/she enjoyed tinkering with systems and avionics on board the zariman, and happened to be exploring sentient technology he discovered by accident in a secluded room. And then, the whole void incident happened. His void powers unlike the others were far more unstable, more uncontrollable, more random. He would seemingly glitch in and out of existence, and no amount of orokin technology or training could help him control his powers. Cast away, he, with the help of the Lotus, designed his very own Sentient warframe that will help resonate with his seemingly randomised void abilities. Having to salvage parts of sentients and zariman parts, they finally managed to create a warframe just for him. one that has gone through the same torrent of void energy he had. Even fully completed, the warframe still shows the quirks of his "glitched" void powers, snapping in and out of phase with the physical world for periods of time, sometimes teleporting into random short distances, at other times dragging his surroundings into his torrent of void powers, tearing them apart from the inside. and the warframe only grows stronger when exposed to void powers of other tenno. And so the Bugframe( placeholder name) was created in secret, away from the prying hands of the orokin, grineer and corpus alike, found locked away by the lotus on a sentient ship.
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