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    PLATINUM GIVEAWAY | PC ONLY | Anyone Can Enter | Everyone is automatically entered into the drawing by joining the Club Group | Join now! | Sponsored by CIV Alliance

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    I am part of a power, that always wanting evil and always creating the good. TENO MemphistO

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    We welcome veterans and new players alike and we want YOU to join! Cosmic has a single goal: to provide players access to a community where they can enjoy Warframe. We have a fully decked out Dojo with a dry-dock and a number of beautifully decorated rooms and we have 100% of weapon and item blueprints researched. By joining us, you gain access to trading with other players, over 100 item blueprints exclusive to the clan system, and an amazing community to support you on your Warframe journey. If you are interested in becoming a member, please join our discord.

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    Knights of Oz is a storm clan with an emphasis on teaching and supportive play. Developing our player's is very important and this includes vets coming into our clan. The level and depth of teaching depends on how far you want to go into the mechanics and systems of this game. KoO has great players who enjoy the social side of this game but take this game very serious and it's teaching of our players. KoO is looking for player's from all over the world to cover our time zones to make sure their is always player's on at all times. Right now Australian and New Zealand players are needed. KoO has an amazing looking Dojo always being made better with 100% complete research. If you are looking for a storm clan who will support your game play, and make a home you can be proud of, this is the clan for you. Knights of Oz proves that clan's can bring in bran new players every week yet still remain competitive in clan events and leader boards, something we are very proud of here at KoO. Knights of Oz also run Insidious Aftermath alliance. Built around the same concept of bringing clan's who need support around teaching and development while being organised at the same time. Insidious Aftermath is also always looking to bring in new clans with this mind set. If you have any question, contact BrizMaxx or Antonsghost

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