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About Me


(Art by Kazekami8803)

Who am I?

Winged; Scholar, Gentleman, Fruitloop.

I'm hardcore on the field when it comes to gaming, but I never let that get to my head and turn me into a robot; I know how to have fun at the same time, but who am I when nobody's gaming with me? I'm an artist who loves to draw whatever seems interesting to me, as well as me being a... Well, you could say 'colorful' or just a flat out nut-case. Whichever suits you most. Personally I prefer nut-case.

Now, I'm also the proud owner of my own Shadow clan, The Order of the Dragoon. The clan is short-handed on members, yes, but its undergoing a complete rework as well, a rework that will put us back on task, and with the new and improved clan comes a new and improved dojo. Soon, recruiting will start again and we'll get back to a wonderful amount of players again.

I'm not always just a gamer, or clan leader, or some crazy guy though, I /love/ to RP. The stories are just always fun to immerse myself in and it's great to socialize along the way while I do it!

I'm currently in the midst of two RP threads; Temperance's Lotus in Bloom, and Zeus' Roaming the Wastes.

I have multiple characters that I use for RPing;

Name: Rael


Frame: Ember

Main weapons:

Vectis or Dread bow, Despair, and the shield Aegis and sometimes even the Venka.

Age: 27


Rael is mysterious at first glimpse and anti-social with Tenno she doesn't know, or for that matter does she really care either, but at best, she's a psychopath, and a sociopath. Why? There's nothing she loves more than to fight, and kill.

On field, she rips through Grineer, Corpus, and infested like it's all just a big game to see who can dismember the most limbs, or pin-the-arrow on the Moa, however, she completely changes when she's not in a mission, her demeanor turns calm and calculating, and her blood-lust is kept in check, although she is still viscious and can anger rather easily if somebody's foolish enough to induce rage from her in some way.

She's one, surprisingly, for being unnoticed in or out of the field, and hates drama and theatrics from others, and she seems quite wary of other murderers or psychopaths as well, due to the thought in her head that they need to be kept in check, being that she already is one.

She has a pet that she may have to be the closest thing to a companion, her white Sahasa Kubrow, Vereiteln, named after an old world language to stand for the word 'Blight.'

(Picture references of Rael's appearance;)



(Thanks to my Vindictus friend for sharing!)

Name: Nyrvynai


Frame: Nyx

Age: 16


Smaller body than most other Nyx frames, her suit is tailored to be her own small frame, at a height of 5'7", she's got an average, fair colored tone of caucasian skin color, her eyes are a clear ice blue, and her hair a silvery platinum white with a long ponytail in the back that reaches down just below her shoulders, her nose has a faint hint of freckles dotting across, just barely reaching her cheeks.

Nyrvynai's suit has a mainly brilliant white design, with trim of an Orange color, her energy color being a Neon/light Blue.


Nyrvynai is - at her core - a child. She is and always will be, naive, playful, and even a bit of a smart *ss most times, and sometimes even a bit of a joker, even if she frightens easily.

She's new to being a Tenno and is still learning, being a mere initiate in the ways, she stays at the dojo training by herself, occasionally seen around some of the adult Tenno over any around her age - given that there aren't many in the first place that are even remotely close to her age.

Her closest friend, however, is her Para Carrier Sentinel of the same color design with an -accidentally adorable- skull drawn on its mask, with the intent to look cool rather than cute, Nyrvynai's sentinel, Dresden, watches over her for her older 23 year old sister, Nylocke.

Name: Nylocke


Frame: Saryn

Main Weapons: Dex Furis, Dragon Nikana


Her skin color and hair matches to her supposed sister, Nylocke, being a fair shade of complexion, with coal black hair, her hair being loose to flow down to her shoulders, her eye color is a vibrant shade of green as well. Her Saryn suit is a Pitch Black and dark Purple with a light green energy color to match her eyes, all to fit a theme of the natural deadliness of a planet's Flora, and cleansing.


Nylocke is a serious, and to-the-point Tenno, and always aims to get her job done to the close no matter the sacrifices or consequences that may be involved. She's merciless, and deadly, a real threat to her enemies, and when there are others at stake, she doesn't play around any less than she normally would.

She's a close ally of the Lotus, while not being a Lotus slave, in belief that her goal to keep others safe closely resembles what she believes the Lotus' goal to be as well, seeing the Lotus more of an ally with a similar goal than a leader.

Picture Reference:


Name: Lusith


Frame: Valkyr

Main Weapons:

Cernos, Castanas / Akbolto

Age: 24


Lusith's complexion is soft, her cheeks with a hint of natural blush that fill them, her dark red hair is short and messy towards the front, her eyes a dark shade of crimson, her body is slim and toned, her body donning a Lavender themed armor with Iliac Syandana and chest piece, with Daedalus leg-plates to match.


Lusith is interesting in that she's able to hide her anger and rage on the inside behind the mask of a respectful and calm demeanor, just don't make her angry. Even though she has a calm shell, she essentially gets nervous in loud or large crowds which causes her to get twitchy or anxious, which one could tell as to when by if she's seen stroking the frills of her Iliac tail.

To other Tenno she tries to be friendly and not make too many enemies, knowing that she may very well need anyone's help, someday, comfort found in the fact that she has plenty of people she could rely on to call for reinforcement if needed.

Picture Reference:





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