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  1. WoW and ESO have horrible markets, and ESO just has a terrible market system in general. Plus if you look at games like Neverwinter or Archeage, or most other MMOs, etc so on and so forth, they’re so horribly overinflated that you’d have to be a market lord already just to buy from them. People sell at ABSURDLY high prices that you can’t feasibly buy without being a predatory market buyer and seller that buys low and sells extremely high, or you open your wallet. It’s not a case about item for item, it’s a case that people WILL buy low price items until there are none so they can sell at extremely high values to turn a large net profit. That’s why I don’t want an automated auction house. At least with the human element of bartering you can work out prices and dissuade people from buying out the market too fast. I also like to personally trade with people and sell things low and help newbies out, which you can’t get from an AM.
  2. An Auction market in Warframe would ruin the already delicate market further by completely removing the human barter element. At best, implementing WF Market by some console into the game I can support, as it wouldn’t eliminate bartering, but those same games you listed with the AM’s have absolute *garbage* economies with overly inflated crap by predatory players, and also have overly pay to win economies already. Warframe’s market already has plenty of things inflated. We don’t need people ruining it more. This will be a big fat no from me.
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