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  1. Still no matchmaking and friends list fixes. Takes 20+ full switch reboots to see clan members online, ridiculous.
  2. Nope, I've used cloak arrows on enemies, moving defenses, allies, but also to give me a spot to Regen my energy safely. I've used dashwire on floors from higher up, don't always have 2 walls. Sleep arrow to the ground gets multiple enemies vs just the one.
  3. Happens to us too, all of us in railjack, docked in dry dock. We leave and then as soon as mission loads fully, they will see enemies and the DC, leaving them on the host's ship alone.
  4. For my squad, it never happens on the "second" mission, but rather, when we transition from dry dock to the actual mission. They'll even load fully into the map, see enemies, then a few seconds later, drop. Been happening since Railjack revised.
  5. Yes the second portion of what I described wasn't just railjack. My cousin and I have been spending 30+ minutes just rebooting switch, hoping it shows us both online to squad up. We never had this issue before the previous update.
  6. Sad to see no fix for switch matchmaking and railjack group loading. On switch, if either of us have a party member join me in dojo and then launch a mission with them on board, we disconnect from host and remain on their railjack but alone. Also since last update, we have to restart the switch about 8 times to just see each other online.
  7. If like past NW, it'll be like 90-100, where real rewards stop at 30 and then it's NW credits for every level after.
  8. Not sure what isn't solo, people solo all levels already. Ofc, you cant just saryn afk it like every other map, so that's probably your issue.
  9. I actually like railjack, spend over 3/4 of my time playing that mode. So snowflakes can just go away and stop speaking for every one.
  10. No problem! I've noticed it can break more so when something like this goes on, where there's a mass zerg of people claiming stuff. Just like the tennocon stream this past year.
  11. Then your accounts aren't actually linked. You'll need to relink, mine was delivered within minutes.
  12. Watched a few bits of that video, big no from me. Waste of time and effort, let alone the players constantly spazzing into air like that.. no.
  13. Please DE, eat only one meal a day so we can get a plat discount! If plat is so important, just go farm relics or go deliver some pizzas on the side for the other half.
  14. We tested it for a month, only get the 103k in basic index on every day after the daily reset, so no it doesn't. It's been video documented as well by a DE stream in the past.
  15. No the daily double doesn't affect index, only booster
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