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  1. because nintendo?? Dont know thats the only thing in comon with the 2 first coments.
  2. Most people are actually lazy that's why this game is still considered a niche one. And why mobile games that are played by themselves are quite popular. Being a "gamer" is a trend now days everyone wants to say look at me being so nerdy with my games but most really dont like videogames juts want be stay in the trend.
  3. the problem are not the content creators but the one following them, if a content creator wants to move on or cover other topic o diversify himself he can do it, I dont see why so many people backlash them, its hard to compete with the games creators themselves taking into account that DE its not the fastest developer there its.
  4. lol that was pretty easy, just use excalibur or gara any blinding Warframe should suffice, even wisp with her passive. In other note this shows again that MR means nothing.
  5. Then you have a long way to go, just focus in the relays when you feel its getting too dificult you go for the farm.
  6. True, also its not like there isnt a lot of platform to play in, you can use PC, or PS4, Nintendo, the sky its the limit, maybe in Alexa sooonn..
  7. Im gonna try ot to see if I like it, if not then ill go do more everspace till the 2 comes by.
  8. hay un foro en español y creo que para esto debes hacer un ticket directamente con DE.
  9. Good way its to do survival or excavations to get endo + mods to dissolve, Defense I feel its way slower but at the end its up to your liking.
  10. Dont know about that maybe check the patch notes, also I never give guns to him, just rush to the extraction. And buff him if possible
  11. Hi Mr9 at ceres at the moment, I totally die in ceres at this moment but at your time I just invest endo in my most usefull mods, the ones that give you damage like serration, max over those, max over vitality and armor, then focus on your warframe abilties, for example I use gara in defense, at that time I ha in her continuity plus Augur Message with efficiency and instensify I was able to take all damage due her 2 ability, plus her passive its a automatic blinding, so you can take into account what frame you will use in you mission and be more active with their abilities and energy management.
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