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  1. I'm all in for the procedural Sprawling but DE need to invest a lot into his tile-sets, they need to have a more openish vibe, some of the tileset are way claustrophobic and don't allow good mobility. Example: Uranus in general, the T3 infested ships maps that resembles corpus ships that have been overcame by infestation, those are some of the worst design that ci can remember.
  2. hopefully next year, hes the most unvaulted, a lot of other frames have more time in vault, like mag and ember for example
  3. Some capture the flag of sorts and your squad will face not only the enemies but another tenno squad, the "flag" will spam at random locations in the middle of the field, every time a point its made, all squad members for both teams are spamed to their initial locations, as spamming new enemies rigth away, enemies will have unlimited spam and be hostile to all players. Second game mode ill implement its stalker mode, but you be seeing an acolyte of the warframe you're using. to avoid high level of trolling MR should be restricted to at last 15 to be attacked via quest that will activate o
  4. La configuracion por defecto para warframe no es muy amigable, en mi caso tuve que configurarle las key al mouse para no tene rproblemas al momento de querer hacer parkour/bulletjump y castear alguna habilidad de forma fluida.
  5. tristemente no hay manera, Digital Extremes si indica en algun futuro implementaran cross-save, pero hasta entonces es crear nueva cuenta.
  6. Im still farming for my necramech, when I get chungus I will have lots of tested builds to subsume first, personally waiting something for valkyr
  7. Its pretty obvious there's some content we still don't have for Deimos, If I had to guess grandma will be the star for that update, giving her more lore and for us new rewards + game boss/game mode??
  8. Im hoping for ember + banshee or excal lol
  9. Its a mecha of sorts, its suppossed to feel heavy while doing insane damage, I see it pretty mobile and fun, I see use to it when you need lots of firepower that some frames lack, not everyone wish to go mesa/Saryn. I don't see it shining in regular tile-sets but for open worlds and railjack I do see it fun to use.
  10. My 2 cents, DE its kinda bad at doing enemy mechanics, the most difficulty we get in warframe are: - Steeplath/Railjack sponges - Direct debuff to our abilityes( nullies, ancients, aura enemies) - RNG(litchs) For DE to plan an encounter making enemies mobile(infested) while also making us deal with a tank a propper tank that its able to resist our weaponry if not tackled correctly, its an actual feat for them, they're the only enjoyable encounter I had here besides steelpath. Most complainers appear to be players just wanting to get over with the content and just move on a
  11. The thing its DE its a corporation, they have to bee seen as attractive to their shareholders and new investors, they need to push those numbers the most they can, if you see when Railjack came, the grind was intense, the community complained, they lowered it, kuva litch was the same, every time they put content they push the most grind possible until players complaint.
  12. bluntly Helminth exist to make players play warframe, you needing to grind and play modes you usually dont its part of Helminth purpose.
  13. those people are kinda dumb, there are better places for that, like steel path, Necramech are strong enough to be level agains 100+ level content inna fraction of the time
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