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  1. change Chaos to enemy become friendly towards tenno, pets and targets, for its duration, if no enemy its visible, enemy wont go hostile and ignore player/defense target.
  2. lol indeed thats DE ways to create a "challenge" for you, not that her not having any defense at all or being spoted if you use any explosive/non silence weapon its enough. Her gimmick might have been a good thing when we had stamina at Bullet Jump wasn't even a thing, but now days its other story.
  3. Shes actually one of the best choices for interception, period.
  4. Exactly my point, outside of eidolons she have not use in a multiplayer session, almost any other frame, except Nyx can surpass her, its ok for her the stealth theme but eliminate the movement restriction, her defense and HP are a to laugh, lvl40+ enemies just have to sneeze at her direction to kill her, that part alone its enough disadvantage.
  5. That doesn't mean anything when every other invisible warframe just bullet jump pass you to their heart desires.
  6. TBH cloud walker couldn't be more nerfed its not as good as it was just as the rework released.
  7. Hi i been playing Warframe since a year ago, lately I have been taking a liking into Ivara but what really left me from user her more its her mobility, we have wisp a warframe that as long as shes airborne shes invisible, loky and ash that have invisibility with no movement restriction, then why not eliminate the movement restriction for ivara prowl, maybe make it that you cant run but bullet jump or something of the like. PD i know there are a lot of warframes that need more attention, but this change its minimal.
  8. Thats not how game as a service works, you wish an final or conclusion, go get a single player story based game, for a game as a service as long as its profitable it will keep on changing and evolving, Warframe its not the only one, look another free to play like PSO2 Mu and WOW, they will keep on as long as there is a supporting fanbase.
  9. Hope it happens also would be great for open worlds, theyare great but you have no reason to go if youre not grinding eidolons or solaris. Hope they add more events onto the open worlds to give life to them, like seasons and true in-world changes no just re-skins.
  10. That,s what I meant by saying it look insignificant but that not having to swap really does a change
  11. Indeed I never met the old ine but there are some youtube videos and the change its pretty noticeble, hope they do it with all the game, even making more diverse the levels from one another.
  12. Here its the buid in case it to your liking and they use corrupted mods. https://overframe.gg/build/6709/valkyr-prime/umbral-hysterical-war/ You can modify the build to what makes you feel fine but the idea its having the most ability strength for her.
  13. Well I been playing with valkyr for some time now, for my experience her eternal war build its the most suited to my liking, Im ignoring her exalted claws. I did put a umbral forma on her and currently use her in a umbral setting maxi out ability strengh but have about 40% range, but since ill be using only her 2 and occasionally her 4 that does not bother me at all.
  14. dude you just posted this. 100 like 50 like 20 like any other its just a number, this game its pretty flexible, play with them see how you can accommodate them for your liking. Most corrupted mods I dont even max becuase for my liking they work better at half of their total, that way I get a decent boost in the positive aspect while having a not so bad penalty in the affected stat. Some even counter themselves. I do really believe that you just wish to have someone to talk. EDIT if you wish builds just ask form them, what warframe are you building and what you wish from him??
  15. Railjack its time consuming and grindy because its focussed to veterans, MR7 bellow have not too much to do in current railjack just be supporters inside the ship, thats how it was designed.
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