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  1. I justn got into the epic store and launched the game there, but the skins don't show. I might have missed a step, its there some account link to be done??
  2. its funny because we have space magic+ the power of yeet anything that stand in our way, killing heavily armored targets with our heavily moddified weapons and augmented powers, still cant break a BDSM bed lol. We should be able to smash that thing into pieces.
  3. 2021 for what I understand DE its now in vacation , we shouldn't have any update until at least April 2021 if we follow their trend from past years, if you're done with the content this its the perfect moment to try other game or complete any content you need in game.
  4. The thing with RIO its that he have like 2 years of not even playing and still criticize, as he say hes the news place for the players that left warframe, those are his followers and he do knows what to give to them, but still warframe can do so much better than they currently do, update was unfinished, if we follow 2020 trend only regular ish update was deimos, the rest of the year was a trainwreck for DE, we need to be vocal about it and don't allow them to relax, since once they do they return to their old ways.
  5. I'm totally fine with eximus being removed, they are just a cheap tactic for "difficulty" I trade any eximus for more diverse enemies, its not even hard, add mecha corpus aside from jackcals and moa and give grineer their steampunk like potato mech heavy units. Also infested new enemies included in nigthwave 2 does not spawn in regular starchart, why?? It would be great to have faction based mini bosses when doing endless runs(except for disruption) imagine being in a dark sector +20 min in and a group of Emissary cealoths appear trying to ambush you. Or in a corpus themed map some kind o
  6. This, specially in veil proxima for me, old ruined towers are like a mile away and I still collision with them, and DE just went off for holidays I hope at least they fix this before 2021 but I doubt so.
  7. Almost fell this post was a troll, Im also lefthanded and have no gripe with keyboard controls.
  8. I agree, since DE will be sitting on their ass until february, thats 2 months of unatended warframe + the amount of time they take to develop something new like 3+ months we will be getting real new content about april 2021 if we follow DE record.
  9. clans are supposed to be maintained by many players but most clans today don't, that's why there are lots of ghost clans like mine when you have and old active clan with now only 1 or 2 active players or solo players that make a clan of their own but doing that farm solo its pretty heavy, I suggest you to look for people ingame that's interested into joining yours.
  10. Agree, One of the things I have against Steel Path its the enemy armor/Damage, makes no sense, not every frame have a way to bypass armor at those levels, not helping that only way to get kills its using melee since primary are mostly useles, also warframes should get some type of escalating armor or have Steel path mods that allow us to vamp our defenses to those level, with most of my gear even using some cheap tactics like trying to get most of invisibility frames + Rolling Guard / Adaptation no tank frames usually get one shot by AoE attacks from affar, this its bothersome because its no r
  11. Have you played darksider 2?? horse riding feels fine. Also don't sweat about duviri too much we don't even know if we will have that in 2021 at all, give it to 2022 maybe.
  12. That solved my issue, after the re-link the accessories where available.
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