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  1. Close enough, mate, close enough :D Thank you very much !
  2. After testing the changes, I gotta say, I LOVE it ! Despite all the nay-sayers, I already liked Xaku, but they felt like they could have been more. Like, stealing guns from foes, sure, great control ability. His 4 was really good, but way too costy to reliably use. Now ? Damn, that's quite some more dakka we got there. With proper energy management, one can keep Xaku's stolen weapons platform up at all time. The idea of building upon the "untime" to empower all other abilities through synergies was a really good thing to do. We're not talking Saryn-OP levels here, but Xaku is now
  3. Hey, new Octavia fan here. Been playing for over a year and a half, and ONLY discovered the glory of using music against enemies. I've been slacking on building her because i thought (rightfully so !) that I would never be able to create music for her. Then I stumbled upon this thread, built her, and have been having a blast ever since. So, thanks Buff00n for that, on top of all the great work you've done :) Now of course I have a request. I've been trying to figure that one out, but I'm out of my depth. And honestly, i'll purchase some of the instruments if I have to, but with zero form
  4. Gonna join the bandwagon here, but can we please, pretty please with sugar on top, have an UI where function is the priority and style comes second instead of the other way around ? I'm obviously talking about end of mission UI, but not only. I mean, I logged on, got the mail from Baro, deleted it because obviously I did, and then i'm looking at an empty screen for no reason. Did the mailbox really need to be its own full screen interface instead of being projected into game space like before ? This looks like a bad console port, now. I wouldn't mind the small details like the mailbox to
  5. Change for the sake of change is pointless. Change must happen for a good reason. A good exemple of change that serves no purpose and is actually worse than before is the new end mission UI. Less information readily available, a weird sorting that relies on who knows what, missing informations compared to the previous UI, and relevant informations spread on several screens instead of one. That kind of change ? Yeah, people are going to resist it, and for a good reason. Looks over functionality isn't a good reason for change to happen.
  6. I'm using it ALOT. It has a cheap cost and it removes one powerful enemy from the fight. Chaos is awesome for many reasons, but when you need that one pesky eximus or whatever gone, chaos is overkill and energy inefficient.
  7. I hate Limbo with a passion. It's the worst troll frame by several orders of magnitude. Usually, if I start a defense missio nand see there is a Limbo in the team, I'm facepalming in advance, generally rightfully so. Some have been pleasant surprises, though... Generally by NOT using their abilities. So, now, everyone and every frame can be a Trollimbo ? We're going to need an ignore list that prevents players from ever joining us in a mission if they're on it. And not a bullsit one with a limited capacity, I'm afraid.
  8. While the rest is spot on, that could be debated. I personnaly like to know about my item progressions, and don't care much about stats. Personnal taste. But the advantage pf the old UI was that everyone, and I mean that quite litteraly, would find everything they needed on a single screen. Now, everyone has to click something, somewhere, to find part of the relevant information they care about, all the while having their screen space cluttered by useless information. What one will define as useless may vary, but I'm pretty sure everyone will find something useless on the first screen and h
  9. Sonicor needs fixing. It never had self damage in the first place, now it has stagger. It never dealt huge damage in the first place, it was a pathway clearer, a crowd control weapon, a fun thing to use, a way to push enemies off the map or juggle them into the air... The whole utility of the weapon came from its ragdolling ability. What is is now ? Useless. The short range of this weapon means you're pretty much always inside the AoE. At lest if you're using it to make room or juggle enemies. If you're NOT using it for that, then you would most likely be better off using another wea
  10. AFAIK, the only way to revert is to convince DE to revert, or make it an option. Which they definetely should. This new UI prioritizes looks over function, and it's basically a piece of trash because of that. Any UI or (UX as it's trendy to say nowadays) should be as functional as possible, without looking too bad, and what we have here is something that tries to look good, and to heck with functionality. Terrible design choice, but so far we're stuck with it.
  11. Seriously ? Allright, let me state this plainly : the new end of mission screen is terrible. It needs to go. It offers less information than the old one, but said information is spread on two different screens instead of one. That's bad design. One can't see the equipment other players used, but sure, we have a shiny picture and new music. Awesome. NOT. And what's with the absurd sorting by "importance" ? Just revert and give us back the plain, simple, synthetic overview screen, we had before. It's not quite as shiny, but it's alot more useful.
  12. Also, Sonicor STILL has that silly stagger effect, right ? When will it be fixed ? I know, I know, it's not a bug, it's a feature. Except it's on a weapon that CANNOT be used at long range, meant to clear hallways and whatnot, thus meaning we're almost always in the range for stagger, or even full knowckdown. This means Sonicor went from being a fun weapon, if not really powerful, to completely useless. Fix, please.
  13. Change for the sake of change is not good. And that's exactly how this new mission ending screen feels. It really doesn't bring anything to the table. If anything, informations are LESS readily available than with the previous one. Sure, if you're looking for something specific, you can find it now, but for an overview, it really isn't good. Also, unless I am mistaken, it doesn't inform you on what weapons the other party members were using, and you need to identify their frame visually. Which can be annoying when heavily modded or with a skin you're unfamiliar with. Yes, I do like to know
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