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  1. Well I wanted Ash but yeah thats the next part I need. I know the harrow part is random but it isnt determined on how many make it out correct, so long as I am below 10?
  2. Thats sad, if I didnt have to do it for Ash I wouldnt have. Wait.... isnt their one for warframe piece I need, dammit!
  3. Happened once on the mixer near the two guns on the cliff. I was playing Limbo, had a bubble around the mixer. Nothing inside. full shields and health. I was sitting ontop the cliff drawling the enemys fire, as they can't hurt me, then bam failed
  4. Havent unlocked her yet. Stuck on Uranus at the boss. Limbo is nice cause you can use the games mechanics against it as the enemy only spawns within so many meters of you. So banish them and send them on their way. the banishment lasts till they usually reach the ship. unless pathing
  5. YES! Thank you! I think one time I just went fishing instead hoping it would just die, it did not -_- Its only one area, it acts like it wants to avoid it but will turn around and go over the platform then spin on the edge
  6. I would still be pulling my hair out if I didnt figure out the defects didnt lose life and the healing stations stopped after a certian percent so long as you were far enough away.
  7. You have no control over the Probe. *Crap just realized I forgot the e smh*
  8. I normally dont vent but I just spent time off and on farming for Ash for a week at Memphis on Phobos. I did figured out a nice system get the manic to spawn where I want him to and when finally. BUT these defects don't care about their life! I swear, I used Limbo and banished them, then escorted them to each point, let them heal, banished, then the next point. SOOOOO many times the first wave would spawn stuck under the stairs so only 1 would show up, or none sometimes! One time I had 6 defects show up at my point. I am playing solo! I tell them all to go to the next point and 3 ran while the other 3 ran towards the enemies. But the icing was once 2 died right off the bat because they got stuck so I had one. I banished him and walked him to the ship. he drops down right under the ship and I heal him. Then I proceed to open boxes when I notice the ship didnt leave. He got up and went back to point A. I got there and choose to watch him die -_-
  9. This has annoyed me so much. My first time playing the event. I found Limbo use to be a breeze. But if the probe takes a certain path along the waters edges towards to spot it will pass where the spawning site of the enemys are. It will go to the edge and just spin around until I get tired of banishing it and letting it die. This has happened 5 times so far. Normally if I play it more than twice in a row. Any suggestions for moving it? Also on a weird part, my buddy and I were playing and the stage 4 only got to 51%. no more infested spawned. so we went to leave. we both go through the gates, I got the message I reached 100% and he failed it. *edited to add e
  10. Thank you I am going to get on that tonight!
  11. theres no downside to them playing 123 and me playing 456? thats awesome I didnt know that. So I dont mess it up, what are the 2 groups of 3
  12. I have read about them on the wiki and went to each one and spoke to them. Due to a mission i have begun doing Cephalon Simaris question. I have also gathered fish for Ostron. the rest of the syndicates I have not committed to. My problem is the games I played that have factions usually lock you out of others when you help them. I want to maximize my standing for overall benefits. Any advice? or it doesnt matter which group you help?
  13. Thank you for all your responses! I have said this before this game is massive. It doesnt really say when is a good time to clan up or not. I didnt wanna be a complete newbie and be the weakest link in a clan. Anyway where can I find clans that are looking for people on the playstation?
  14. I've been playing a lot with my buddy. He has been wanting a Kavat along with some weapons that can only be researched through a dojo. He keeps saying "we need to start a clan" and I keep reminding him of the costs that I read somewhere. We are almost done with Uranus. We are having some difficultly with the boss but will figure it out. When is a good time to join a clan. I figured once the map is complete. Or should we invest in our own? I think we are about to reach rank 8.
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