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  1. Ivara sleep arrows resets the alert of the enemies, then do it from the back only. That was the only way I could get the stealth kills to work on rail jack
  2. I have been having issues on Apollo. I went out with some friends Sunday Night to farm for Relics. They all received the rewards I did not. This isnt the first time for me, this has been an ongoing issue. Here is the link to the recording of our run through Apollo, you can hear my friends state what they got and you can see my rewards at the end do not match. GTA has a clear cache option when you load into the game by holding R2 and L2 I believe. Something like this should be added to Warframe, it might fix some of the caching issues.
  3. Did they make changes? I cant recall when it happened but i think around the last lich update. I miss a good mot fissure.
  4. https://youtu.be/snbLQj2CVvE In short a fellow tenno did not want a lich. She accidentally got one when trying to smoke screen away. As you will see in the video this is all the emotions regarding her lich rolled into one during a level. This video sersiously will make you smile no matter if you're in a bad mood. The pure emotion is great and she is just an awesome gamer! This is why I wanted to share it, so you'll smile as well. Enjoy
  5. Want more flexibility with sounds like with the new shawzin. Plus the abilities are activated by Octavia not by from doing something stupid. Like multishot is almost impossible to a good song.
  6. I was deep in conversation with a tenno last night who was talking how we have a Shawzin now we need drums and other stuff to make a band. Then Octavia popped and a great idea for a rework they came up from them. Give Octavia different instruments. Each instrument effects a certain buff. Each instrument is assigned to a section of the mandacord. As each section is activated the buff is started automatically so long as others are close not by player actions. Maybe have more than 3 instruments and possible buffs to force the tenno to decide what they want and different combos to separate one player from another. But basically Octavia should be more like a Musical Street performer. Symbols on the knees, guitar, drum on the back, harmonica in the mouth. She is a one person show and should be back in the spot light again.
  7. So I got the first drop because it said partner streams only. I didnt get drop two and am to late for that but drop 3 says "Watch any channel in Warframe directory". I've been streaming for awhile and had it open last night with the video going from my phone and didnt get anything. Can it not be my own stream?
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