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  1. To be fair, every new weapon is more powerful than the weapons from a few years ago. DE staff have mentioned that. In past dev streams a global weapon rework is something they have mentioned in passing. The following is my personal opinion: If every single new weapon was released at 0.5 disposition, then players would choose favourite weapons based on personal preference and NOT on riven disposition giving them any advantage.
  2. Remember that the PC players get all the bugs so that we don't have to. These things take time. Anyway, you should look for the "dev workshop" thread to see when future updates are released. That said: update 26 for consoles is in Certification already. Regarding the changes to arbitration, I look forward to the changes but understand that it is a bitter sweet change. Most importantly: Old Man Suumbat's sculpture will be available!
  3. Dear OP: yes I agree. Right now, there seems to be no benefit for the increased challenge. Hopefully the devs will consider this topic when they address the long term picture of their Kingpin System. Many players have mentioned the "one and done" scenario, and the devs seem keen to find a robust solution. You can read more in [DE]Bear's posts regarding long term arbitration rewards.
  4. Just listened to the Prime Time #261. Please bring Amber Star Bundle to the Rotation A rewards list! That sounds like a great idea.
  5. Watched your stream. Thanks for all the revealers! Super exciting! Some of that fan art was inspiring. Please play missions on PS4. I'll do my best to fight by your sides! (PS4: Raccune)
  6. Hello Team DE! Wow! Flooded with questions and comments. I have a concern about choosing relics at the end of the mission. Before I start, I want to say I really like the new interface for relics and fissures! -When choosing a reward at the end of the fissure mission, the pop up info blocks the indicators of rarity (gold, silver, bronze). Can you make it easier to see please? Good work making the best video game! Best regards from clan {The Spectral Sabers}
  7. Congratulations on 3000 songs! Can you work with this? Don Freed - We've Got Uranium https://drive.google.com/file/d/1---MeR9me2v18qOvXW0pKt6FZPFsK0q8/view?usp=drivesdk
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