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  1. I hope this is in the correct part of the forum. I am a long time player with profiles on multiple platforms, I want the option to purchase the Luminous Dye blueprint (and other similar items). Even if I am forced to buy it with 100k standing, I would buy it! Please give us back the option. @[DE]Rebecca
  2. I suffer from ringing in my ears and I would also appreciate visual cues when using the tranq gun. I like to conserve animals without using any echo lure, so I'm always on the lookout. On a side note, any indicator that the animal is behind us would be a big help too! Deimos is more virtically dynamic than any other open world. Having to search 360 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees virtically within a 150 meter range for a tiny orange dot on a predominantly orange environment is... stressful.
  3. I'm happy to have a free Orbiter decoration that I can spam all over my ship. Keep 'em coming!
  4. Good point. Thanks for reminding me. Probably means watching Warframe steamers from DE's list of creators (aka partners). There was a similar event last year were you could get the Transmission Colour Pallet from watching any Warframe steamer.
  5. Can you answer my question on the stream? If we subsume a Warframe with catalyst / forma / exilus adapter will we get back any component of that?
  6. I want to participate in the giveaways on discord. Discord refuses to send me push notifications. I want in on the action! I missed yet another giveaway 1 hour before I posted this. Please help
  7. It was absolutely brilliant! I had lots of fun. I wish they would skip the twitch drops, I was so selfishly focused on the free stuff that it dampened my enthusiasm. But the content and delivery was spectacular! I think it was their best yet!
  8. Beautiful combination of ink style, energy streaks and smears. Nice background too
  9. I really enjoy this art! Vaya's are also my fav. Good work 😍
  10. I used Gimp. You already created your image - great job btw! Gimp will let you save the image in ".PNG" format and be able to ensure the transparency settings are correct. When you resize it, zoom in to see if you like how the pixels are arranged, you can change the interpolation settings and try again if it doesn't look right to you. Gimp has fully guided tutorials on how to use every feature available. https://www.gimp.org/ I found this guide very helpful too! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/188830-guide-how-not-to-emblem-a-cautionary-tale/
  11. I want to know, will we get back any forma or reactors that were on the frames? I going to guess no, but it would be nice if we did. I made a pic for it.
  12. Thank you for this drop! I've been trying to farm Khora. I noticed that the drop will be pre-built, so it is like you are also gifting us kavat genetic code. That's great because I've been trying to breed a smeeta kavat and I have gotten 6 adazas in a row lol! This leads me to ask about the coming update (Heat of Deemos, yes I picked the wrong name lol). How will we get kavat genetic codes in the future? Will the experience be identical to what we do now? Is there a lore-friendly explanation as to why scanning kavats on the plains of eidolon does not yield genetic codes?
  13. Love the message. Thank you DE! Fun variety of frames and operators too! Sending you energy too! \o/
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