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  1. I don't mind how much farming is involved this is one hell of a project. I mean, c'mon, who isn't impressed when walking into the hangar? Having been here from almost the start of this adventure and put in a lot of money and time - even though I have forged about 90% of the stuff it's amazing how one hell of a lot of money finds its way out - DE continue to bring us quality in gaming and graphics. OK, periodical ''suck up' over. 🙂
  2. Two of us did 35 waves 'survival'. He got 20 argon and I got 18. Never thought I'd be forging the tail today! Wonder what's cooking for tomorrow?
  3. 15 argon crystals is one way to ensure plenty of people playing the game because they keep falling off the end if we take a break, lol.
  4. Deck 12 with 40+ each time over two runs and a load of other needed bits and pieces. When I got there I realised I'd completely cleared that cave back when Orb Vallis first appeared so I could walk around at my leisure with all doors open. Just 15 Argon to go for the tail. . . happy days 🙂
  5. Thanks, guys, pity there always has to be one whose ego gets in the way of good manners.
  6. The lack of copernics is a bit of a joke. If you google there are a few liars as usual giving out fairy stories of where they can be found but nada, zilch, presenting themselves. Since Orb Vallis appeared it has always been short on the resources. Now I understand the new rail track undertaking is to strip us old hands of a chunk of our accrued stocks. That's fair enough but like good little tenno most of us have been out there slogging away for the needed 6 million credits etc but DE should keep up their end by providing the possibility of finding what we need and I can't find ONE copernic. It really is bloody annoying when farming on Eiolon is nicely balanced if we plug away but Orb Vallis always seems to be forgotton. Those 'in the know' mention Temple of Profit; Around the lake outside of Fortuna; Harind Crater; and the official line is the red ore . . . of which you would be very lucky to find a handful across the whole map. So, c'mon DE, shake a leg and get a decent amount of red ore sprinkled around. Our new quest is first class but bugger, you really laid it on with a trowel this time to stretch us.
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