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  1. I honestly agree, I think that DE shouldn't be able to penalize the frame, Ember because she used to wrekt low level trash. and honestly if that was the way their rule was for ever frame then every frame would be worse than Wukong was before he got a rework. I think that no, straight up saying that a frame should be restricted by being able to mop the floor with low level enemies is an excuse to just make a really amazing frame less appealing. Ember looks good, has really cool skins and is a cool frame in general but people don't care for her because she doesn't have a kit that works. My point is that maybe instead of giving trashy reasons why you are nerfing a popular frame. maybe give people something worth their time money or resources. Honestly is real bad for Ember. Although her kits isn't an bad a Nyx is still is bad and needs work. When Frost Prime released with Ember Prime in the Frost Prime and Ember Prime bundle was released. I actually wanted it genuinely wanted to play both of them and wanted to use them. Later I get Ember and play with her and I cried because of her state. She was not one of my first frame built, but I really thought, "Wow! I want to make Ember good again." So now if DE will listen which it seems they don't but hopefully they do, I would like for Ember and Nyx to have a well thought rework. Or things are going to go down hill. They want money but what is a business ultimately suppose to do? I logically think serve but I understand the point which they are coming from and that any thing in this world is meant to be bought, sold, or made to make some sort of amount of money. On the day Ember was nerfed to her current status was the day I know it's time to realize that we are the reason DE is still working on this game so if we chose not to do anything more, (not trying to say anyone isn't doing anything.), then we can't complain. It also applies for DE, if they don't listen they cant complain that nobody is play their game. So my hope is that DE does listen, not only to the things that DE thinks is good for the game and also leads everyone, but to some ideas that are going to help the game like ideas the community has not some TennoGen, or some cosmetics but ACTUAL content like maybe we can get an open world for Mars, lore on why the relay, on Mars, is destroyed, maybe some missions that differ from kill, kill, kill, like more missions that are observing what the Grineer are doing, what the Corpus are doing, see how the Infested are doing. I mean maybe we could have an invasion mission with the Grineer, and Corpus up against the Infested and Sentients and maybe make Infested Sentients. Have this take place on the open worlds and you the Tenno chooses which to fight for in an epic war. Bring Raids back, since I have heard they were fun. Make the game feel Co-Op again. A dear friend introduced me to this game so we could hangout together but now its kinda lost it's luster. And the first step is to make all frame equally balanced and have well thought reasons for what happens. And as the Player, we have more power than the game or DE does. Not saying that "Let's all fly to London, Canada to protest." but try and shift the plate to DE. And honestly I could be wrong in saying we should do it, because we could already be doing it. I love this game and I am so sad at it's current state. and how cruel Ember is being treated.
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