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  1. I don't think this will work because of how the weapons are rigged, for example making a pistol bigger will simply clip through the hand, same for a primary and melee, and to make them smaller it would need the fingers to be further closed or there will just be gap in between and on some weapons it might make the weapon so small it simply will not be grabbable in a normal way! Well ofc we could make rigs capable of handling that or re do pretty much all of the related animations but it..... kinda is a lot of work which doesn't really gives us much in terms of making a game.
  2. So it seems like warframe has forgotten that this " :| " does not mean awkward, it is a neutral face, this was right before the emoji changes but somehow, now not only it becomes the wrong emoji ( :akward: ) , but additionally the Neutral face emoji doesn't exist anymore! i have a feeling this is an extremely easy thing to fix, and i am baffled that this can actually be done wrong!
  3. whatever the current active defense pod is (this is a lich mission btw) it will have this, when it changes this one disappears and the new one gets the same issue. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15CYkzOPh4r-j7ZGCB9t0jz2Zm5q7fdTU/view?usp=sharing
  4. Just a headsup this is an early post for a frame that doesn't exist yet and we barely know her kit, everything is up for change so i thought i would give my 2 sense on the matter, take everything i say with a grain of salt. 1st ability, a damage reduction/crit buff that is only obtained while essentially being in a K-Drive in a non open world mission. this is very problematic for anything that is not pretty much open world, because of how tight the tiles generally are. additionally compared to a warframe a K-drive has very limited movement which is a major detriment, if you ask me there s
  5. As of right now, universal medallion is one of the most useless items in existence, it doesn't bypass daily caps, it gives only 1k standing (pathetic) and is dropped in a rotation C disruption at 5% drop rate, i wouldn't be complaining about it, if it was at a location that didn't matter, but that disruption is go to axi farm and me having to WAIT for the slow demolyst to casually walk up to the conduit and kill it (will increase average round time by like 30 seconds at least) is a really bad design. 1. Remove it from game completely, this is probably the safe option. OR 2. make it wort
  6. I see, so basically instead of adding to the subject, and saying what you would think the game would benefit from, you just came here to nit pick and make people not give the developer any feedback, i can see that happening quite often, especially from people with a lot of posts in this forum. quite a sad thing to see.
  7. In that case is coming up with a rework even a good idea? wouldn't it just hamper a developer further?
  8. Has the developer EVER implemented/acknowledged a player made rework idea?
  9. IMO the main issue is the fact that the developer seemingly doesn't understand when you give people 5 different focus trees, they should all be equally useful in many activities across the game, if you just add random small buffs then only 1 will be known as "the best" and used 90% of times. The idea of giving something an actual role in the game, and adding stuff with intent and not JUST for the sake of adding it seems to be lost here. That's why we get frames like grendel and sevagoth which are competing for already existing roles and most often than not being the inferior option
  10. I think the better idea would be to NOT have a linear mission, but instead it being a bit more open, this way missions would be more interesting, and we could also add multiple spawn and extraction points
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UPtGzIdVsoWQu0NIb-SG8aWobH8917Er/view?usp=sharing you get a treasurer (or whatever it is called) in occupied locations. Right now check adaro sedna
  12. Allow me to clarify, what i meant is CONSISTENT play time, not stretched over 3 years with major breaks in between. the game has this fun-hating grind to it that makes you repeat the same thing again and again, and that means burnouts, very often ones at that. Also from my expirience in the game, MANY players don't return after a single burnout and that is what i see when i look at my friends list! Lemme guess you didn't even read what i said and just posted to say that!
  13. I wonder if they actually read these.
  14. Before i even say anything else, let me say that warframe is an amazing game and i love it, i have about 5000 hours in the game and by no means think i am a game designer, but as i see warframe it is OH SO CLOSE to being an amazing game but it just lacks that one nudge that would make it truly great, it is just enough to keep me playing but not enough to make me play long term without getting bored, and the best way to see how it can be done right is look at what other games have done right and see what we have done wrong. 1. Instead of making more of the same try and focus
  15. As you might have noticed, going on DX12 as of right now is constant stutter for god knows how long, While it is an interesting idea to convert all the files on the fly, it is highly detrimental to player experience, if i am going to get constant stutters all the time just to avoid a download, that is a horrible deal if you ask me! well ofc having the option for someone that wants to avoid it would be nice, but you know what else would be nice? letting the game convert everything at once and then having no stutter mid mission, this way both parties are happy, those who rather download it, and
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