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  1. The only way this solution could work would be if only weak weapons had puncture on them, but a lot of weapons have puncture and with puncture becoming that strong it would shift some currently strong weapons to absurd levels and despite the fact that some weak weapons would become slightly better, the gap between top tier and trash weapons would drastically increase as a result, this is not a good solution at all. Honestly the best way to fix PRIME weapons with stat issues is to give them a unique gimmic and do slight stat adjustments, for example let's say any enemy killed by a hikou will spread all it's current status effects to enemies in 15m range (up to 6 enemies), Obviously this won't make the weapon top tier or anything, but it will certainly become useful and actually serviceable.
  2. As usual, they will not fix this until someone that can seriously harm their reputation starts talking about it, they probably don't even read these and have no idea that this is an issue since they don't play the game themselves.
  3. Every time you use agendus heavy attack, the normal attacks won't function for a bit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EXAp7i8yT-ydExancZPg4BLZL1Ux93SO/view?usp=sharing
  4. Xikto

    Mission Timer Bug

    How quickly would this be fixed if it actually gave rewards by that timer? In like seconds.
  5. Despite the fact that we got a Parazon rework, this is still an issue.
  6. Yup, it's the one, it is really annoying to do everything right just to find out that they didn't actually test what they are adding to the game properly.
  7. I have recently been using Parazon mercy kills to get that extra ability strength, and it is fine until you apply any sort of proc on the target, for example heat proc will completely blocks mercy kills, and god forbid if you are using an ability to slow enemies, it becomes impossible to use a mercy kill, i personally am running a 95% Slow Nezha (Gloom) and my weapons have viral heat, i generally only actually care enough to use this at steel path where it matters, and i constantly run into this issue. Just put the mercy kill priority above other animations, is it too much to ask? I used to think that Pablo knows what he is doing and would actually play a few missions with changes he worked on, but guess no one over there actually plays the game anymore.
  8. Unless you compensate for the time everyone has spent into it already, you are basically advertising to not play anything new in your game, because you fail do understand that too much grind = less people wanting to even attempt it, does warframe not have enough content to make your grinds chill and players wanting to play the game? or do you just have no idea how to improve warframe at this point.
  9. Xikto

    Mission Timer Bug

    This is really annoying when i want to check if i am close to 5m mark for accolyte spawn and it says i have been in mission for 27 minutes >:[
  10. TYPE: UI BUG DESCRIPTOIN: I have duplicate ephemeras in my inventory that also show up in the appearance menu. REPRODUCTION: finish more than one lich/sister with identical ephemeras VISUAL: https://imgur.com/wTdFNzF & https://imgur.com/pSJN9Yi EXPECTED RESULT: not seeing duplicates of the same item since the item is not sellable/tradable OBSERVED RESULT: Duplicated item in menu REPRODUCTOIN RATE: 100%
  11. i have ran god knows how many void storms, yet to see a singular corrupted holokey. HoloKeys are a myth! they probbaly have a 0.1% drop rate or sth
  12. I think i found the way to keep the "on kill" and "on headshot kill" effect while also making it actually usably on higher levels, Just add an extra effect to the galvanized mods "timer resets on hit" and kaboom you can have on kill but still keep it usable, even on headshot kill wouldn't be bad!W Also FFS make galvanized scope stack timers work separately just like the diffusion ones, it is a really bad idea to keep it like this (like it is an offense to our and your intelligence)
  13. In pistols which had some of the highest forma requirement (and the lowest performance in return btw) you increased our total forma cost AGAIN, Barrel diffusion 11 Galvanized barrel diffusion 14. Thank you for this amazing pistol buff that totally is worth needing 5-6 forma, it totally isn't like pistols are highly underused and you should have even reduced their forma requirements! *SLOW CLAP*
  14. Galvanized crit mods don't function the same way other galvanized mods do, if the timer runs out it doesn't just remove one of the stacks, it removes everything, and considering how horrible "on headshot kill" is for a condition, i can say firmly that using it is waste of a mod slot. On kill isn't a good condition but if you give it up to 1 minute in duration it can work, but then you have on headshot which should have similar if not longer duration having a capped 12s duration. Like honestly did you even test these? even at a lvl 50 mission i could tell how garbage this mod is let alone steel path!
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