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  1. Make sure ur Graphic card actually is DX12 and supports it, if not then it simply will not work.
  2. I would really rather have the other options, (i assume) a decent sized download is much better than having to play with what looks like horrible lag every time something wants to load.
  3. With the ever increasing pool of ridiculously large weapons that come extremely close to your cross-hair, i think it would be a good idea to add an option so if we want we can move the camera further back or move our character more to left or right, it can get really infuriating when a weapon covers so much of ur vision that it's constantly in ur way, certain abilities like hildryn 4 also suffer from this so it would be a really nice thing to have!
  4. As of late seems like DE is trying to fix a abilities that will often be replaced with the helminth abilities, so in case of nezha it is either his 1 or his 4. First off let me tell you about the horrors of using nezha damage buff (his 2), it is so finicky and unreliable if you have more than one target! it is extremely hard to hit hordes even IF you have something to clump them all up the chakram will still not hit them all, it will hit like 3! and the charged version has such a narrow and small hitbox that i don't even bother, also his teleportation power is let's say it does nothing an
  5. And who's fault is that? it ain't mine i tell ya, and that is no excuse to kill a chunk of game just because they decided to not think about what they are doing before doing it!
  6. The time it takes to get a CHANCE at getting the new arcanes is like 5 times an eidolon fight, this is just ridiculous, IF we clean out the drop tables put a lot of stuff and perhaps all of arcanes in the loid shop and then we will see who plays those arcana bountines, yes NO ONE! Instead of putting ridiculous time gates how about we make them either more accessible by having access to T2 and T3 Bounties right after the first vault is open or you could just make them rewarding enough, meaning you remove a good chunk of stuff from drop tables and put them in the shop! and then we will ha
  7. How about if their not gonna fix conclave (it's fked up beyond repair at current) they should make the rewards accessible through something else at same price? no additional price just normal costs, if they charge us more because THEY fked up the game mode then i will be not happy to put it lightly, cause i like some good PvP or perhaps PvEvP action and playing even the horribly unbalanced conclave at earlier phases was fun until i hit rank 3 and now all i see are certain weapons/frames that let's say are not fun to play either with or against!
  8. It is a magnetic based launcher that launches Red Hot Circular Saw blades magnetically locked to the weapon that keep spinning for a few seconds and dealing damage even after initial contact to enemies dealing Slash and Heat damage. (it counts as a rifle) The Alt Fire Key can be used to explode all saw blades in an enemy once they have high enough of a DOT that would kill them, and the said explosion will spread all status effects on the target to all enemies within 6m radius. For example if the initial target had a 10k total DOT tick coming 1k slash tick, 41 heat tick from 1 heat p
  9. Since i can't exactly read the mind of DE i can't say for sure but i am pretty positive touching Riven fundamentals is a pretty scary thing for them, so if they make a statement and then mention how they look at the problem then possible solutions could be much more refined so let's just say SOMETHING needs to change with rivens, But for my own opinion milestone idea is a pretty nice one i like it, and also the unveil one seems solid but very unlikely as nowadays getting a riven is not that hard honestly, with palatino and now SP weekly also providing one every now and then, but ye i do agree
  10. My bonewidow has not finished crafting yet but usually even if u don't have something it shows under the category. currently for me it is only under warframes it may or may not also show up in vehicles after u craft it.
  11. I agree this always bugged me, specially sentinels are all sorts of annoying since their location changes as u move, they are not fully fixed in relation to ur warframe which makes it SO SO SO annoying when u move at different directions, if it was simply first off fixed in relation to u, and secondly slightly transparent (or optional to make it more or less transparent) it would be much better.
  12. Both the nechramechs have appeared in warframe category when u check profile, which is triggering my OCD, btw they also are available below vehicles but for some reason only the voidrig, bonewidow is only under warframes! Fix this please.
  13. Well it simply took them like less than a day to fix the akarius, create another post and mention those and they will fix em!
  14. Actually i take that back not even bramma was this power creep, in SP survival grineer this thing can easily get 100 kill/minute which is simply ridiculous this weapon is extremely out of line with everything else we have had so far, i hope you know what u r doing by adding this to game!
  15. It is basically just a slightly slower Kuva bramma and by that i mean the PRE nerf bramma, it is ridiculously strong and in no time at all i think it will get so much usage that you will have to nerf it, so better have another look at it now. Feel free to correct me and share ur own thoughts but i really think this is overpowered! having one of highest damage outputs in game for primary category and having the very VERY strong ability to clump up enemies is no joke.
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