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  1. Can we please make the operation on railjack side better like it's literally a mobile defense thta limbo will annihilate give us the option to damage the murex externally with doom charges or sth and a lot more enemy spawn so we can get the forge going. also It would be very good if we had the option to connect 1 space and 1 ground squad directly and share the rewards and maybe add an small mini objectibe to both sides (optional ofc) to support ur other Team.
  2. Xikto

    Lag everywhere

    been about 3 weeks that i noticed this, sometimes everything that needs key input to work like moving left and right and parkouring gets delayed making movement impossibly hard, this does not happen duo to bad interenet connection either as this happens everywhere including orbiter and no matter solo or otherwise for example just earlier today was playing rj for hours and it was fine but then someone invited me and i joined and boom lag and when it comes, it doens't go away easily i restarted the game and it's ok now. Sometimes nothing else goes wrong at the same time but some times i get horenndess fps drops at the same time. and i assumed this is my systems problem but i havn't changed anything about my setup so it can't be that and otherwise the system is just as it was.
  3. It's been quite a while since the update if no one noticed this thus far I assume no one plays her! just give her a 25 second DR after using her 3rd ability she has so much potential!
  4. When using Garuda s 4th ability to force slash procs even though the UI says 100% chance to cause slash procs it never causes slash procs making garuda in it's entirety a useless frame also tried weapons and her first ability neither cause slash procs.
  5. A Physics based warframe, a warframe that can affect Space Time and gravity.
  6. as u can see in the picture zundi pistol skins magazine is in the wrong place after i saw this bug in hands of developers in a dev stream i thought it would have been noticed by many but it's not fixed so here i am https://imgur.com/a/WodSSGu also can we get an option to remove or move the sword/weapon from sword and shield when holster ? https://imgur.com/a/SfTsnM2
  7. Couldn't agree more when bramma is introduced all other explosive weapons it power creeps so much and when they nerf explosive as a whole instead of just bramma everything else becomes unplayable, nerf bramma a bit and give everything else a good buff to be competitors not dead weapons.
  8. I saw the same thing sometimes i am not on aim but quatz goes semi anyway.
  9. Need a fracturing crush augment can someone connect me to a seller ? i am online right now and am paying for it ofc just tell me how much u want and invite me !!!
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