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  1. DE knows this all too well, that is why scott put that much emphasis on "the co op elements are there" when he was talking about RailJack. Half of the issue is how old the objectives are. Capture, Mobile Defense, Survival, Assassination, Extermination, Hijack, Rescue and Sabotage are game modes that at best another team mate is an extra gun and at worst a hinderance to what you would have already done, each player is not looked at like a key asset of the team, more like just a tag on. But i have hopes for the future, they seem to understand this issue quite well and are hopeful
  2. @Uhkretor or maybe stop smoking entirely, most of ur message was completely irrelevant. while yes the idea doens't sound that appealing with current issues regarding relay/dojo (such as not updating a lot of things while there, like weapon XP), it sure sounds like a cool idea. though if relays and dojo were just a bit more relevant (and perhaps had remote access to foundary and would update accounts) then the option would be a really good thing to have.
  3. though it would be quite a bit of work (and i do mean quite a BIT of work) to make that happen. it would be a very nice thing to have, but i don't know if it would be worth it from developers perspective. BUT i guess if we could just make one warframe three weapons and an armor set and syndana, we would quickly find out if it is actually gonna be worth it or not. if it wasn't then that's that, but if it was then we could slowly add it to more and perhaps older stuff!
  4. we could go one step further, and make it similar to those discord bots, you don't see peoples texts, what you will see is all the currently recruiting squads and what they want. this way you wont need to say the same thing over and over as much, you could simply press the "refresh timer" or something like that every few minutes. i guess this could get a good UI as well if they really wanted to make it easy.
  5. right now if you want max dmg on melee, you are locked in melee because of Scaling or as said "evolutive" mods, and the suggested solution to this is by giving similar mechanic to everything, so basically from primary secondary melee heavy weapon (and also maybe exalted weapons) you can only use one at a time, while it is a better solution than what we have right now it would be killing the diversity out right, idk about you lot but that sounds like a horrible idea if you ask me! also just a headsup that melee is not always better than guns if they have equal dmg outputs, it is ONLY bette
  6. More like, only disable the weapon type powers, such as mesa 4, weukong 4, excal 4, baruuk 4, valkyr 4!
  7. Give each Smeeta Buff a different UI icon.
  8. ow it's almost like power and riven disposition don't have an corelation , i said all i had to say, if sicarus prime has low usage and gets buff you can thank me later, if not then i did what i had to do, and that is to remind DE of it's existance.
  9. i am not positive if you couldn't tell from me LITERALLY saying that "i don't know it's uage", the reason i put this here is that sometimes DE tends to simply forget about some wepaons, back in the wday gammocor and spectra had certain dispositions, i made a fuss about it, and next patch they changed em, coincidence? i think not!
  10. The problem is not weapons, the issue is mission objectives if you ask me, the more and more DE leans towards making the game a number generator with a massive focus on kills/second the more we will be forced to melee/AOE weapons/DPS frames, But if they actually wanted to (really doubt it though) they could totally fix that in a jiffy. For example in railjack missions where enemies are MUCH harder to kill and as the lvls rise, AOE weapons will generally not do anything and it will be all about hard hitting single target weapons. One of the main reasons melee is so strong is also simi
  11. Sicarus prime has a 3/5 (1.0) disposition, as someone that didn't know this weapon existed till it got unvaulted and have not seen a single tenno ever use this weapon in any mission, i am kinda baffled that it doesn't have higher disposition, well obviously i don't know it's usage stats but i am quite possitve it should at least be getting a 4/5, can we get an update on this please?
  12. You run lvl 40-60 bounties at fortuna, run the first stage (best case scenario finished in 30 seconds) go to the next waypoint, leave the area to cancel the bounty, start it again. it has 25% chance to give you 2 familial debt bonds, so NO this even should NOT be run.
  13. That is one of the other things that i wanted to address as well, Yes i absolutely will do it even if it takes me 100 tries, but you must see that i am mr30 with over 2200H in mission, ofc i will always do it even if it has low drops. BUT this only looks good on the surface, the more tedious and annoying we make the game, the less it will grow and the more new player repellent it becomes. Warframe already has a horrible reputation of being a Grind Fest and i have feeling it is majorly holding back. The more we make the game all about doing the same thing again and again with less and
  14. Give how many replies and views this subject has gotten, i think something must be done! what that something will be is not for me to decide but i can say this much that this is something that could/should get addressed in a future Warframe revised update (which hope we get more of)!
  15. There is this thing we call an example my friend idk if you ever heard about it, aside from that, yes my friend that is exactly what it is, a goal because we don't want inconsistency in game designs we want them to be reliable we want to have a maximum amount of time spent and no more, since we can not count on everyone getting what they want first try that is why we design around the issue and fix it!
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